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GreyCampus brings you a perfect course, which is a blend of React and Redux, to help you learn how to build real-world quality applications. This course teaches you everything in React and Redux from scratch and shows you how to rebuild the codebase of the project, helping you create while you learn.

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Course Overview

This course is designed with the primary focus of helping you understand how to build web applications using React and Redux. If you are entirely new or have prior knowledge and are willing to get hands-on experience in building a real-world application, this course is the right fit for you. The course walks you through (not limited to):

  • Understanding how Redux works and why is it used
  • Starting a fresh React/Redux Project
  • Interactive with CRUD API for Creating, Reading, Updating and Destroying data
  • Authentication concept
  • Routing with react-router
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  • GreyCampus course completion certificate

Course Outline

Learn The Fundamentals of Redux
Displaying the State
Dispatching Actions to Change State
Building Real World, Production Quality Apps with React & Redux
Creating & Running React Projects With create-react-app
Learn The Fundamentals of Redux
Creating A Basic React-Redux Project
Performing HTTP Requests with Custom Middleware
Getting Started with React Router
JWT Authentication with React & Redux
Creating Forms with React & Redux
CRUD Examples with React & Redux
Utilizing Component Inheritance
Implementing a Tabs Component with React & Redux
Implementing Pagination with React & Redux
Creating an Article Editor with React & Redux


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The course requires you to know the following concepts before starting:

1. Basic JavaScript and React knowledge

2. Prior understanding of how scopes work in JavaScript

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