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Become a full-stack developer learning MEAN Stack which allows you to do front end as well as backend development using Javascript. The course guides you through concepts of MEAN Stack and using it in the creation of Reddit/Hacker News Clone. It also brings you additional sources and projects to help you get industry-ready.

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Course Overview

GreyCampus course introduces you to MEAN Stack which is one of the popular end-to-end JavaScript Software. The path includes gaining a basic understanding of MEAN Stack, building a REST Interface with Express.js on top of Node.js and using the learned concepts to perform CRUD operations on a database vie an AngularJS frontend. 

TOP Reasons to learn MEAN Stack: 

- Extremely quick to prototype with.

- Allows you to use Javascript on the backend as well as frontend.

- It allows you to quickly change and alter the data layer without worrying about migrations.

The course is a combination of tutorial videos, links to additional concepts and projects. We strongly suggest you type out the codes throughout the course to gain confidence in the subject.

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Course Outline

Learn to Build Modern Web Apps with MEAN
Jumping in with Angular
Getting User Input
Adding Some CSS Styles
Routing Views with Angular
Creating the Posts Page
Getting Started with Express
Creating Schemas With Mongoose
Opening REST Routes
Wiring Everything Up
Extending the User Model for Authentication
Setting up Passport
Securing Endpoints with JWT Authentication
Creating an Angular Service for Authentication
Creating the Login and Register pages


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