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Learn fullstack development choosing your ideal frontends and backends to develop an app. The course is created in a way that every frontend and backend build the same app and APR endpoints which makes it easier and faster for you to learn these. Dive in to get an experience of learning from scratch while creating a production-ready clone. 

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Course Overview

GreyCampus Fullstack Development course is designed to expose you to the frontends and backends to create a fullstack app. The course allows you to learn by mix-matching any frontend tutorial with any backend tutorial to give you full hold of your preference. Further, we believe that the best way to learn is by "doing" and thus, you would be creating a production-ready Medium.com clone called "Conduit" to strengthen your skills. The advance use cases and best practices provide a bird-eye view keeping you sharp and up-to-date.

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Course Outline

Learn How to Build Modern Web Apps
Architecting the Stack
Building the Backend
Building the Frontend
Deploying to Production


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