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Dive in to learn Auth0, a flexible solution to add authentication and authorization services to applications. This course teaches you logging in with React and adding authentication using Auth0. Get started to get a hands-on experience!

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Course Overview

GreyCampus Auth0 QuickStart Training Course is developed for professionals who are keen to learn authentication and authorization using Auth0. Auth0 is a flexible solution for organizations to avoid the cost, time, and risk in developing their in-house solutions to authenticate and authorize the users. In this course, you will start by creating a React application, followed by configuring the Auth0 application. The course teaches you to develop your wrapper for SDK with Auth0, creation of hooks to access methods, creation of Auth0 content and provider, and much more. 

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Course Outline

Add Authentication to React with Auth0: Login and User Profile
Create a React Application and Install Dependencies
Configure Auth0 Application
Create Auth0 SDK Wrapper
Add useEffect to Wrapper
Finish SDK Wrapper
Create NavBar Component
Wrap App in Auth0Provider
Update App and Test Log In
Add Profile Component
Add Profile Route
Add Links to NavBar
Protect the Profile Route
Tutorial Wrap-up


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