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Join to become a master of backend development with our course on Rails, which is one of the popular backend frameworks in the web development community. The course will teach you using Rails4 as a JSON API. You will gain hands-on experience by the end of your journey, building a backend that provides functionality for a Medium clone.

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Course Overview

GreyCampus Master Rails JSON API Training course is specially designed to help you learn how to build a JSON API for social blogging using one of the known backend frameworks called Rails. Rails is known to make web programming easier as it allows you to write fewer codes to decrease the number of decisions you require to make. Ruby on Rails strongly emphasizes on its philosophy of convention over configuration and help the developer with the most common use cases instead of spending time in reinventing the wheel. This course will walk you through Rails4 as a JSON API and will teach you configuring, creating profiles, adding articles, and much more. You will also experience building a backend that provides the functionality for a Medium clone called Conduit. 

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Course Outline

Learn How to Build Modern Web Apps
Architecting the Stack
Building the Backend
Building the Frontend
Deploying to Production
Learn to Build Modern Web Apps with AngularJS and Ruby on Rails
Jumping in with Angular
Getting User Input
Adding CSS Styles
Creating Angular Services
Routing in AngularJS with ui-router
Creating the Single-Post View
Getting started with Rails
Integrating AngularJS with the Rails Asset Pipeline
Generating ActiveRecord Models
Creating API Routes and Controllers
Wiring Everything Up
Adding User Authentication with Devise
Associating Users with Posts and Comments
Building a Production Ready Rails JSON API
Configuring Rails as a JSON API
Setting up Users and Authentication for our API
Creating Profiles for Users
Adding Articles CRUD
Adding Tags to Articles
Adding Favorites to Articles
Adding Comments to Articles
Adding Followers and Article Feeds


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