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GreyCampus Node.js Training course is designed primarily to teach you to build a production-ready Node.js JSON API. The course will use MongoDB for the database to help you gain hands-on experience in developing the backend in Node.js.

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Course Overview

Node.js is one of the known JavaScript libraries is used by many; one of the key reasons being that you can master one language instead of juggling multiple syntaxes. Node is said to be an 'asynchronous event-driven runtime' as it provides excellent performance for applications requiring a lot of small tasks done in parallel. In this course, you will learn to use Node as an API and build a backend that will provide you functionality for your Medium clone. The course also includes the Fullstack tutorials to help you learn to build fullstack apps with Node.js.

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Course Outline

Learn How to Build Modern Web Apps
Architecting the Stack
Building the Backend
Building the Frontend
Deploying to Production
Building a Production Ready Node.js JSON API
Initializing a Node Project
Creating the User Model
Configuring Middleware for Authentication
Setting up the Authentication Routes
Creating Profiles for Users
Creating CRUD Endpoints for Articles
Creating Model Relationships for Favoriting Functionality
Enabling Commenting Functionality on Articles
Implementing Following Functionality With One-to-Many Relationships
Exposing a Global Tags Endpoint
Creating Queryable Endpoints for Lists & Feeds


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We assume you have some prior knowledge of the basics of JavaScript. It is beneficial to have a familiarity with Node, Express, and MongoDB but is not necessary as the course provides enough external resources to fill any gaps.

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