UI/UX Design

Develop compelling designs and seamless user journey for your visitors and stand out in the crowd. This course provides a design-centric approach and visual communications perspective to UI and UX design.

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UI/UX Design training program overview

In this course, you will learn in detail about the concepts of UI/UX, tools used for the development of UI, the principles of UX design, prototyping models and many more. Also, design user testing and learn about planning, testing, researching, mapping and Envisioning your ideas.



Gain knowledge on various stages of UI/UX development method.



Develop efficient and user-friendly applications and websites.

The registration process

Once you have completed our simplified enrolment process, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your payment receipt in your registered email ID. You can then access the entire content of the online student portal immediately by logging in to your account on our site. Should you require any assistance please reach out to us via email (support@greycampus.com) or via our online chat system.

The course curriculum

The curriculum for this UI/UX Design training incorporates all updates to the certification exam. The following is a list of broad topics covered

  • Responsibilities of a UI Developer
  • Responsibilities of a UI Designer
  • Difference between UI Developer & UI Designer
  • Technologies required for UI Development
  • Notepad++, Atom, Sublime Text, Brackets
  • Visual Studio Code, WebStorm IDE
  • Live Server using npm
  • All tools installation and usage
  • Introduction to Web layouts
  • Visual design
  • Unity and variety
  • Focal point
  • Economy of elements
  • Balance and proportion
  • Interaction
  • Association and affordance
  • Economy of motion
  • Responsive design
  • Psychology
  • The effects of good UXD design
  • Flow and Interaction
  • Prototyping boundaries
  • Wireframing vs realistic prototypes
  • HTML and WYSIWYG editors
  • Designer tools for prototyping
  • Designer/developer workflows
  • Post-prototyping
  • Mapping Content
  • Mapping Interaction
  • Non-Visual Paper Prototyping
  • Non-Visual User Testing
  • Sitemap
  • Look and Feel/Visual Research
  • Visual design mockups exploration
  • Choosing a design testing approach
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • In-person and remote research
  • Moderated and automated techniques
  • Usability testing
  • Research
  • Logistics
  • Facilitation
  • Analyzing results
  • Crafting recommendations
  • Wireframes and Interfaces
  • Nielsen’s Usability Heuristics
  • Consistency and Details
  • Wireframe Map
  • Visual Direction
  • Developing UI
  • Refining UI