5 Deadliest attacks an Ethical Hacker is capable of

2017 was a year where cybercrimes took to another level. There have been ransomware attack and leak of Spy tools and various other mind boggling attacks by hackers that shook the biggest of the economies in the world.



1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

Topics to be covered

  • Obligations of an Ethical Hacker in any company
  • Demonstration of the following attacks using EC Council iLabs
  • Performing MIMA/MITM using Cain and Abel
  • Http flooding using “doshttp”
  • The risks threats and losses that can occur with the lack of cyber security
  • Sniffing passwords from victim computer using wireshark
  • Syn flood attack to Windows’ system targets
  • Performing distributed DoS using HOIC as a DoS attack tool


The 5 attacks from the curriculum of the Certified Ethical Hacking training by EC Council will be covered with their demonstrations using iLabs. But before getting to this, our presenter will cover what exactly is the job role of an Ethical Hacker in a company, his obligations and limitations. The attacks shown in this webinar might have an unexpected result if done without any supervision. It is best advised to use the time given for one-on-one discussion with the trainer and clear all your doubts before getting down to implement them yourself. 

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Syama Prasad Das

Certified Ethical Instructor - CEH | EC-COUNCIL

Syama Prasad has trained over 200 + professionals and worked on various offensive and defensive security projects over domains including PenTesting, Defensive security, Forensic Investigation, Linux and Windows Security, Software Defined Data Centre Security, Secure Storage cluster policy and Different Network Security postures in DataCentre.