Introduction to Data Science: How to Get Started

What is Data Science? Who is a Data Scientist? Why is it the sexiest job of the 21st century? What does it take to become one? How do you begin a career as a Data Scientist? Do you have the above questions in mind? Then join this one-hour free webinar where our Data Science expert, Shravan, will answer all the important questions on how to get started with Data Science and make it a career. Shravan would also have Data Science in action by implementing a few examples during the webinar.


10:00 AM IST

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In this Introduction to Data Science webinar, Shravan would take you through the main topics of Data Science like Data manipulation, Model Building, Accessing the results, Fine Tuning the model and Deployment. This webinar would give you a clear roadmap for your Data Science career or further learning that would deal with more advanced topics.

The webinar would cover:

  • What is Data Science?
  • What it consists of?
  • Prerequisites
  • Importance of Data Science: Current Scenario
  • Implementation of Data Science
  • Data Science lifecycle 
  • Hands-on with simple examples in Python
  • How to choose the right data science program
  • Introduction to GreyCampus' certificate programs
  • QnA session
This webinar (and the boot camp) is run on industry-standard online class infrastructure from You'll just need a computer/ tablet with internet access (>512 kbps recommended) to participate.

Links to GreyCampus Certificate Programs in collaboration with IBM:
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Shravan Kumar

Shravan Kumar

Principal Consultant

Shravan Kumar, a Principal Consultant for 10+ organizations with over 8 years of experience in implementing Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Shravan is also an IIT certified trainer and mentor who has trained over 5000 students. He is an expert in the Time series and NLP domain and has successfully implemented numerous projects for various Indian and US companies.