2021 Update on PMI Disciplined Agile Certification


Before we get into the details of the current situation, a little background is in order. PMI entered the agile certification market for the first time (PMI-ACP) in collaboration with the Agile Alliance. They published the Agile Practice Guide in 2017. 

In 2019, PMI made a big splash by acquiring Disciplined Agile and NetObjectives. With this purchase, PMI received the agile equivalent of the PMBOK in Disciplined Agile, as well as a handful of existing Disciplined Agile certifications.

PMI announced in September 2020 that they would be retiring some of the existing DA certifications and introducing new ones. This provided some insight into PMI's future direction. 



PMI has published data on the Disciplined Agile Certifications for the first time. The counter has been reset because the DASM and DASSM were only introduced last fall and there aren't many people who have them. But, going forward there will be more transparency about how many people are taking the Disciplined Agile training courses and earning certification.

The PMI data was used to generate a quick chart displaying the total number of certifications and the percent growth since the last data was published. The PMP and CAPM are clearly the cash cows. Since the Disciplined Agile certifications are relatively newer with not too many people yet having this certification, due to its increased demand we expect these certifications to catch up with the PMP and CAPM. 


Should participants begin with DASM or move straight to DASSM?

Go directly to the DASSM course if you are an experienced agile who has been actively practicing agile ways of working for two or more years. However, before you do so, it is strongly advised that you read the first 107 pages of the Choose Your WoW book by Scott Ambler and Mark Lines. 

If you’re new to agile, you should begin with the DASM course and work your way up to the DASSM. If you have previously received agile training but have not yet put it into practice, you should begin with the DASM. This will provide a solid Disciplined Agile foundation from which to begin developing the agile skills.

It is advised to take the DASSM soon after taking the DASM. As a result, you will learn the advanced skills taught in the DASSM course. The DASSM course covers not only more complex scenarios, but also how to build high-performance teams, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and other useful skills that team leaders should have in their toolbox.



The PMI Agile certifications are evidently increasing with expanding demand in the market. Presently, not too many people have these Agile certifications due to which there exists a high demand for these skills in the market. If you’re thinking to start or excel your career in the field of Agile these courses are your best go-to options. 

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