12 Reasons Why You Should Get Scrum Master Certified in 2021


The role of a Scrum master has become increasingly in-demand and popular in recent years. With Agile methodology leading the business economy today, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Glassdoor includes Scrum master in its list of highest-paying jobs. As the majority of organizations have embraced the Scrum Agile framework to facilitate speed, collaboration, and communication in complex projects, LinkedIn included Scrum master in its list of 2019’s most promising jobs. The growth of Agile and Scrum has led to the increased importance of having Scrum masters in an organization.

If you want to excel in the Agile space in 2021, earning a Scrum master certification can let you impress the hiring managers and give you an edge over thousands of candidates applying for the same job. Professionals learn Scrum for streamlining their risk managing skills and accomplish the projects within deadlines.

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Getting a Scrum master certification helps you enter the elite group of Scrum professionals who can mentor their Agile teams and lead them toward success. Also, Scrum expertise sets you apart from other project leaders as you gain holistic knowledge of potential Agile practices and ways to implement them. 

Let’s understand more about the perks of Scrum master certification but not before exploring the basics.

What Is a Scrum Master?

Scrum is one of the most integral Agile processes that allow self-organizing development teams to deliver the highest possible business value within the shortest time frames.

The Scrum master role is that of a protector or a coach who guides the development team to ensure that every member is functioning within the Scrum framework and addressing the Scrum principles. The Scrum master collaborates with the product owner to work seamlessly on the day-to-day development activities. 


what is a scrum master

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One of the major responsibilities of a Scrum master is to protect the team from external hindrances and eliminate them so the team members can focus on delivering value to the business by implementing the Scrum fundamentals and best practices. Implementing Agile methodologies is the core job role of a Scrum master. 

How Can a Scrum Master Certification Boost Your Career as an Agile Professional? 

The Agile software economy has made Agile professionals some of the most in-demand resources in the IT landscape because they have the capacity to precisely handle and execute these kinds of projects.

Besides, according to the World Economic Forum, three of nine emerging jobs in the product development space will be Scrum related in the near future:

Product development emerging jobs

Source: World Economic Forum

Considering the booming Scrum industry, getting Scrum master certified in 2021 can be tangible proof for employers looking for professionals with Scrum expertise. 

The Scrum master certification can help you learn the significance of self-organization in:

  • Feeling a sense of leadership and participating in team activities
  • Develop a team environment that would be beneficial for the company’s growth
  • Stay self-motivated to spruce up the team’s overall performance
  • Remain unaffected from external and internal distractions with the help of learned skills and experience

Getting a Scrum master certification in 2021 will help you manage projects seamlessly by easily identifying tasks your organization needs to keep and the ones to adjust based on the specific requirements. Also, you can have a separate profile page on Scrum Alliance where you can list your accomplishments along with a specifically designed logo.

12 Reasons Why You Should Get Scrum Master Certified in 2021

With the Scrum master certification in 2021, you can supercharge your career because it highlights your knowledge of the Scrum fundamentals and best practices. Let’s explore the 12 crucial reasons why you should choose to get Scrum master certified in 2021. 

1) Higher Earning Potential Than Non-certified Peers: Whether you are upskilling yourself to become a Scrum master or starting as a fresher, getting Scrum master certification can help you earn a lucrative Scrum master salary for both the entry-level and senior roles. 

salary of scrum master certified professionals

Across various experience levels, age groups, different Scrum master jobs, and the number of certifications, the average annual base remuneration for Scrum professionals is $100,500. Also, as your experience grows in the Scrum niche, your earning potential increases as you become eligible for managerial positions. 

2) Strong Foundation of Scrum: Scrum master certification helps you in getting acquainted with Scrum fundamentals and principles along with the knowledge to implement Scrum best practices seamlessly. Equipped with this certificate, you can build a robust base of Scrum knowledge by understanding the Scrum framework concepts and theories.

The Sprint

Source: Audit and Compliance

For the individuals who have leveraged Scrum practices before, the Scrum master certification can help in acquiring advanced knowledge, which is a must to overcome hindrances while managing large Scrum teams and maintaining coordination among multiple departments. 

However, if you are a beginner in the Scrum landscape, Scrum master certification can help you gain a basic understanding of the framework, crucial for achieving success. So, if you are a newbie in the industry or a professional, getting Scrum master certified could be your biggest professional decision in 2021. 

3) Knowledge of Scrum Artifacts: Scrum artifacts are the integral pieces of the entire Scrum story that helps companies in communicating the details about everything that’s happening with the stakeholders along with every other party involved in the project. Sprint backlog, backlog grooming, burndown charts are some of Scrum artifact examples. Scrum master certification can help you understand these concepts thoroughly. Going forward, it becomes easier to implement them. 

Scrum Artifacts

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Learning Scrum artifacts makes you a better master because they help you in maintaining the transparency between the entire development team, stakeholders, and all other entities so everyone is on the same page and the project can move toward success. Besides, transparency helps the Scrum team members to figure out the issues or loopholes in Agile projects and fix them well in advance. Also, it encourages face-to-face communication, which reduces any sort of misunderstandings among the team members and helps them in delivering projects within deadlines.

The certification prepares you for the top Scrum master interview questions and answers because a staggering 56 percent of organizations use Scrum methodologies for their Agile implementation. 

4) Develop an Agile Mindset: To become an effective Scrum master, you need to develop a quick mindset and implement streamlined methods. Having an active mindset helps in achieving a self-sustaining and successful approach. Scrum master certification equips you with the tools and practical skills crucial to surviving in the Agile space by providing you the knowledge of Scrum master roles and responsibilities. 

The certification and training help in building the right mindset letting professionals successfully implement the Scrum framework across different levels of an enterprise. Embracing the right mindset is necessary for minimizing the arguments within the teams, facilitating seamless team coordination, and paving the way for successful projects. 

5) Become Marketable in the Industry: Staying updated with the technology trends in the contemporary, dynamic, and highly competitive job market isn’t a piece of cake. You must stay ahead of the curve and take that extra step to become noticeable among the industry peers. 

Scrum master training makes you more marketable and relevant in the Agile field. Getting a Scrum master certification in 2021 can boost your career across multiple industries that use these practices, including IT, finance, health care, telecommunication, construction, education, and so on. 

Distribution of companies using scrum by industry and employee count

You will learn Scrum skills with the Scrum master credential that can prove your worth to employers. The certification is the first step to show you can contribute to organizational change by achieving specific business goals and delivering customer value.

6) Establish Yourself as a Scrum Master in Your Organization: The Scrum master certification speaks volumes for your potential. It accelerates the time needed in establishing yourself as a master in an organization. Your certification will be a great testimony to your efforts, experience, learning, and expertise of the framework that makes you capable of working in the organization. 

7) Deliver Value and Ensure Product Quality: Delivering value to the customers and ensuring product quality are the two integral pillars of seamless Agile project management. Scrum framework helps in optimizing the quality of the products and satisfying the customers which is why most users favor leveraging the framework in the future. 

Scrum Usage

Scrum master certification can help you deliver high-quality products and keep your customers satisfied. By training in Agile and Scrum, you can lead a project toward success, and your employer or client will recognize your proficiency in implementing Scrum in the best possible manner. 

8) Improve Return on Investment (ROI): Scrum helps to minimize the risk of project failures, which ultimately improves the Return on Investment (ROI) for the stakeholders. Also, regular feedback from stakeholders and all other entities involved in a project help in filling the gaps at the initial stages, saving you from time-consuming mistakes and ensuring the accuracy of project deliverables.

9) Learn to Evaluate Risks: Certified Scrum master training helps you become an expert in identifying any red flag that could lead to a potential disaster and ruin the entire project. You can help your team in releasing better products with reduced risks, which leads to saving ample time and resources for your organization. More successful projects will help you get better promotional opportunities in your organization that can pave the way for a rewarding career.

10) Expand Your Professional Network: One of the biggest perks of the Scrum master certification is the opportunity to be a part of the esteemed community of experts. These professionals have worked hard to optimize every area of Scrum along with its methodologies. As a part of the community, you can use their expert advice when you find yourself in a tight spot. 

Once you become a Certified Scrum Master (CSM), you get to network with authorized Scrum experts, trainers, and practitioners, to feel inspired and deepen your expertise.

For instance, Scrum.org has a global network of practitioners and trainers. If you acquire the certification, you can have the privilege of getting guidance from those industry experts. 

11) Show Your Commitment to Learning New Things: It’s clear the IT industry is consistently evolving with new technologies and trends. In such a circumstance, employers give weight to professionals who are ready to adapt to the changing environment by moving on from outdated concepts and embrace the new ones.

Getting a Scrum master certification in 2021 can prove your commitment to consistent learning and the enthusiasm to grasp Agile and Scrum expertise. One sure way to be more employable and thrive in this competitive ecosystem is to retain a curiosity that drives you to learn new technologies and practices. 

12) Enhance Team Collaboration: A primary reason why most organizations believe in hiring Scrum professionals is that they can work in harmony with the entire team and keep the coordination intact. By getting Scrum master certified in 2021 along with your peers can let you all have a robust understanding of the framework and function together to achieve a common objective.

By having Scrum experts across all departments, an organization can benefit from the extensive knowledge vital for better implementation of Scrum methodologies and Agile practices for making more projects successful.

In-depth training in the form of Scrum master certification enables you to keep up to date with the Scrum framework. GreyCampus is one of the leading providers of Agile Scrum Master Certification training that offers a holistic understanding of Scrum principles along with the practical knowledge to implement them in the organization. By enrolling in the GreyCampus Scrum Master Certification training, you will not only get acquainted with Scrum basics and values but you also will have expertise in creating a product vision, managing stakeholders, and selling tricks.

The Program Curriculum 

Specially designed for industry professionals, the GreyCampus Scrum master training curriculum includes: 

  • Agile Way of Thinking – Concepts, framework, implementation in IT service management. 
  • Scrum Framework – Roles, responsibilities, events, and artifacts. 
  • Agile Estimation, Planning, Monitoring, and Control – Writing and maintaining product and sprint backlog, tracking and communicating progress, staying in control, and planning and estimation. 
  • Complex Projects – Scaling projects, the suitability of Agile for project type and administration in tooling and integration. 
  • Adopting Agile – Introducing Agile in an organization, understanding requirements and self-organization. 

So, if you want to explore the GreyCampus Agile Scrum Master Certification training further and advance your career in 2021, sign up for the course the best professionals lead in the Scrum business. The knowledge and skills gained will help you crack the EXIN Agile Scrum master certification in one go!

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