How To Pick A Profile In Digital Marketing That Is Best For You?


Digital marketing as a field of employment opportunity is the most discussed these days. The extent of opportunities is also a highly debated topic. In one of our previous blog posts we unveiled why digital marketing is going to be the most in-demand skill of 2017. It is natural to discuss and understand what it takes to build a career in a digital marketing profile. In this blog post let’s look into the various aspects that bear directly on the choice of a profile in digital marketing.

Before we delve deeper into this subject, let’s get one thing clear. Digital marketing space is predominantly online. Meaning, you have the medium of the internet as the single most major channel to get in touch with your end customer. Naturally, any profile in the space of digital marketing requires a decent knowledge of various angles of the internet that are applicable to marketing. The basic is established now. Let’s look at various other aspects.

There are two ways to look at digital marketing profiles. One way is to identify the profile and go about understanding the skills needed to deliver results in that profile. Another way is to look at your existing and aspirational skillset to identify a profile that fits you. Honestly, there is no one way of doing this right. You choose whatever fits your plans in life. In this blog post, I will provide you a perspective of a profile vis a vis the skillset needed. This way, you will get to understand both the angles.

Yet another thing that is often discussed in digital marketing is the popular or the top jobs. I will suggest you to go by your choice of career based on skills than on popularity of jobs. I mean, a NASA scientist is definitely a top job, but not everyone is cut for it.

So, let’s look at the following kind of skills that are generally needed in digital marketing jobs along with the profiles that go with them.


In the context of this blog post, creativity will mean the following:-

  • Exceptional ability to think out of the box regarding a particular thing

  • Brilliant at narrating through pictures

  • Ability to think from the point of view of the end user

  • Ability to visualize and translate that visual in the mind into something tangible

If all of any one of the above mentioned four aspects are part of your skill set then you are the creative type. Profiles that generally suit you will be web design, graphics designing, and UI/UX design.

Story Telling

In the context of the job sector being discussed, storytelling will mean the following:-

  • Ability to build context through words

  • Ability to introduce your customer to new possibilities through words

  • Ability to use words as a medium to reach out and get people to see things from your point of view

  • Ability to translate/transfer your opinion/experience through words

If one or more of the above is your skill set, then welcome to the world of content writing. There are endless possibilities for these skills in the digital marketing field. Apart from the profiles of content writer, you can look at content strategist, digital copy specialist and various other roles that fall under the purview of content marketing.

People and Possibilities

In the context of the profiles being discussed here, people and possibilities will mean the following:-

  • Ability to stay alert to recognize new possibilities

  • Ability to connect with and secure the attention of people

  • Ability to project an image and get people to accept it

If one or more of the above fall into your super skillset, then you should get into the marketing aspect of digital marketing. Again, there are multiple roles to choose from. Digital marketing strategist, digital media manager, digital marketing analyst, marketing specialist, marketing coordinator and the likes are some regular profiles that are looked for. There is more for a person willing to get into the marketing part of digital.

Analytical thinking and Tech

In the context of this blog post, analytical thinking and tech will mean the following:-

  • Ability to analyze situations. See past regular happenings and get to the root cause.

  • Ability to use the analysis to draw inferences that make sense

  • Ability to combine analysis and inferences to build a plan

  • Ability to use technology for the purpose of analysis

If one or more of these abilities are your skillset then a combination of profiles await you. Data analyst and web developer are two of the basic profiles that you can look into. Depending on your level of involvement and expertise in the tech that you are in other opportunities are available. Working in a digital marketing agency can also be a great way to explore various roles and develop a well-rounded skill set.

These are ways to go about picking your skills and matching it with profiles in the digital marketing sector. I am sure there are other ways to do it too. Read our post on why should you learn digital marketing today and let me know what worked for you in picking your profile in digital marketing.


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