7 Top IT Skills And Jobs Of 2017

IT as a field of employment is evolving faster than ever now.  A variety of tech skills keep getting added to this domain year on year. Along with these tech skills come a new set of job descriptions.  Anyone who wants to build a brilliant career in IT has to keep updating their skill sets. The following are some of the key skills and jobs that will emerge as toppers in 2017.

Data and Data Scientists

Data has been there forever. It has been around in one form or the other since the very first memory chip has been used. Today it is a fact that cannot be missed that Big Data is the in-thing. Companies, small and big are in need of good quality Data Scientists. These people make sense out of data and draw inferences and trends that are used for various business reasons. This is one skill and area of jobs that has huge employment potential in 2017 and ahead too (also consider checking out this career guide for data science jobs).

Other skills that fall in the line of data are Analytics and Visualization. Data Analytics and Data Visualization experts are going to be highly in demand. As more and more digital communications are becoming prevalent visualization is becoming a differentiator. Skills that need to honed to get the best of jobs in these domains are statistical knowledge, creative presentation and analytical thinking.

Mobile and App Developers

Mobiles and apps are becoming the basics of human life. There is an app for everything. There is a mobile phone with everyone. It is easier to get things done through an app on a mobile phone. More and more companies are making mobile an integral part of their business plans. App development is the top most skill needed and app developers are the key professionals in demand. This is the first line of professionals needed. However there is also a great demand for software professionals who have the knowledge to manage and maintain apps. Skills in the area of UI/UX, improving compatibility with a wide variety of devices are important skills in demand.

Cloud and Cloud Engineers

Everything is moving to the cloud. Cloud is a cheaper. It is infrastructure friendly. It helps organizations focus on the main business objectives and leave the IT management to experts. Cloud brings a lot of ease of business. It also brings a susceptibility to cyber-attacks and hacking (Here’s a resource that will navigate you through cyber security attacks). Cloud engineers who are adept at handling cyber security issues are greatly in demand. A deep understanding of networks, knowledge of firewalls, scripting languages and robust software programming are essential skills to have in this line of work.

UI and Web Developers

User interface designing and user experience go hand in hand. A smooth and seamless user experience needs a UI/UX designer who can anticipate the needs of a user. The designer should be able to guess the tasks or actions a user will start and complete. Web developers who can analyze audience behavior and integrate those observations into UI/UX design will make big bucks this year.

Software Development and Full Stack Developers

Software development is an integral part of all things IT. However the change in skills now is a shift from expertise in one area to a set of multiple skills. Software developers who have the ability to wear multiple hats as the situation demands will be hot cakes this year. Skills majorly sought are DevOps, Analytics, QA and DBA. It is of critical importance to have basic knowledge about all these aspects to get big bucks home.

Project Management and Project Managers

Project management as a skill is an evergreen requirement in IT. More than ever, it is important now as projects no longer are contained in the premises of a building or a country. Global workforce and geographically spread software deployments make the need for good project managers imperative. Qualified project managers with the experience and expertise to deliver timely projects are in great demand.

QA and Testers

QA and testing are literally the back end of a wonderfully designed UI/UX front end interface. The wonderful design will not do much if the backend is not strong enough. As more and more applications are becoming mature, the need for good quality QA and testing professionals is on the rise. It will continue to be so for a long while.

Apart from the list discussed so far, skills pertaining to networking, machine learning, artificial intelligence, Devops also are high in demand. Soft skills like communication and multitasking are integral to all jobs. The more skills you pick up the better is your employability. Naturally more skills also translate to better pays and career growth.

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Shivam J


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