Top 10 CyberSecurity Companies to watch in 2018


Wannacry, Petya, NotPetya, Locky, spectre and meltdown are some of the recent examples of why companies are taking cybersecurity seriously. In response to the growing threat environment, cybersecurity industry is expanding to safeguard the business. 

“Cybersecurity ventures recently predicted that cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021”

Large organisations prefer to have their own security team and solutions whereas most of the small and middle level organisations prefer to outsource security to third parties. Many new cybersecurity companies are coming up in this race to provide solutions and services with comparable prices so as to make a mark in the market. Many new companies are coming up with new security solutions let it be hardware solutions, software solutions, cloud based solutions and even security as a service.

Let’s have a view of the top cybersecurity companies and what they have to offer for the industry and security aspirants. 

Herjavec Group

Herjavec group is Canada’s one of the fastest growing tech companies and one of the largest IT security provider with a growth rate of 643% from 2007-2012(Also consider checking out this career guide for cissp certification). The Company started with 3 employees in 2003 and is presently headed by Robert Herjavec (CEO). 

The company provides all kinds of security services right from: solution resellers, integrators, security consultation, remediation support and providing managed services with a capable round the year support. One thing that keeps them on the top is that the company holds 250+ certifications which help them to deliver world class solutions. They help the organisations with all kind of security services and consultation required to build a cyberattack resilient environment.  They can help organisations with

  • Custom security solutions as per requirement

  • Perform penetration tests

  • Achieving PCI Compliance

  • Identity and Access management services

They publish threat updates along with their analysis. The updates can be subscribed or can be accessed here.  The group also offers free resources like: infographics, videos, success stories which can be found here.

Career options:

IBM Security

IBM Security is one of the child companies of IBM and provides services like:

  • Security intelligence and analytics

  • Identity and access management

  • Application security

  • Advanced fraud protection

  • Data security and privacy

  • Infrastructure protection

The company offers both security products and security services which can be customised according to the need of the organisation. The company aims to create integrated solutions for simpler and far less time consuming decision making and remediation.

Apart from the wide range of products and services the advantage is that the products are built using a modular approach, different modules can be bundled together and used by companies depending on the requirement. This approach is being followed by most of the emerging companies so as to target small, mid and large sized organisations.

Career options:

Raytheon cyber

Raytheon cyber is one of the top companies which connect networks, markets and continents to provide a complete cybersecurity suite(interested in cybersecurity jobs? Consider checking out this guide). This leading organisation merges human engineering with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to create a secure world. They identify new threats and deliver tools, training and analysis to provide organisation wide resilience. The company specialises in providing cybersecurity solutions and services to defence, government agencies and businesses. Below is a gist of the solutions and services provided by Raytheon.

Solutions: Cyber hardening, cyber range, cyber reasoning systems, Cyber protection systems, protective and dynamic defence, Threat research and assessment, UK Cyber Innovation centre. 

Managed services: Cybersecurity assessments, virtual security operations centre (V-SOC), Digital forensics and incident response (DFIR), Managed detection and response.

Here is a pool of resources like Infographics, Data sheets, webinars, videos, research papers, white papers shared by the company.

Career options:


As the digital influx is expanding within the organisations, so is the threat. The threat landscape is complex and organisations need to have a strong security posture to protect them. 

EY helps organisations to understand their security structure, related threats and how they can actively defend them. They help organisations with vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, advances SOC practices, SOC services, treat identification, identifying areas of improvement and creating a roadmap to stronger security.  

They have all kind of roles right from executives, security managers and other technical roles. Click on the below link for global openings with EY. 

Career options:


“MIME” in the computer world is related to email and stands for “Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension”. Mimecast focuses on providing email security to the organisations as well as threats related to email like phishing attempts and data leakage.

They provide the clients with integrated cloud based solutions for email security, migration to cloud, archiving and other data security services. Many companies have shifted to cloud storage and archiving but many still stick to the conventional ways. If you are an organisation then make sure that your NDA covers the pointers related to cloud storage and key accountabilities for any incidents.

Career options:


KnowBe4 provides services for security trainings, security awareness modules and various other services ensuring that the human error is conquered. They provide solutions starting right from a small sized organisation to giant groups.

The key highlight is the phishing simulation which they conduct which can help ensuring that the employees are aware about the security and are practically applying that as well. Below are some of the cool free tools offered by the organisation which can help organisations to identify the gaps.

  • Phishing simulation test

  • Awareness program builder

  • Ransomware simulation tool

  • Weak password tester

The company offers lucrative benefits for the employees, check out the below link to know more.

Career options:


Cisco is the name which comes to mind when it comes to network and security devices. Below is a snapshot of the products offered by the company.

products offered by the company

This is just the tip of the iceberg and the company offers a pool of other products depending on the need. 

Apart from products they also offer services like implementation, optimisation, managed services and training. They have skilled and certified staff which can help organisations to deal with products. They also offer various certification programmes – CCNA, CCNA security, CCNP, CCIE to name a few.

CISCO certification programmes

Career options:


Sophos is a UK based organisation which develops products for encryption, network security, communication encryption, email security, mobile security and unified threat management. Their targeted audience is mid-sized organisations and also home users. They have introduced a free trial version of Antivirus to grab the attention of the home users. 

They also provide various free tools like 

  • Sophos mobile security for iOS

  • Malware removal tool

  • Mobile security for android

  • Sophos XG Firewall for home

  • Unified threat management for home

  • Virus removal tool

You can download the tools here

Business solutions offered by companies are – XG Firewall (next gen firewall), SG UTM (Unified threat management), Web gateway, Endpoint protection, Server protection, secure email gateway etc.  Hit the below link to check your career options with Sophos. 

Career options:


Symantec is a well-known name when it comes to organisations that provide end point security solutions. Over a period of time Symantec has acquired various companies like Fireglass, ID Analytics, LifeLock and Skycure. 
Symantec offers a pool of 100+ IT and security products, below is a map for some of them. 
Symantec IT & Security products

To deliver such products and services the company must require people with best of the class skill set. Check out if they have any opportunities for you.  

Career options:


Rapid7 provides analytics for security and information technology (IT) operations that allow companies to implement analytics-driven approaches to cybersecurity and IT operations. They provide solutions for:

  • Vulnerability management

  • SIEM

  • Application security 

  • IT Operations

  • Penetration testing

  • Managed services etc.

The products are simple to use and understand the result. If you are into vulnerability assessment and penetration testing then you should give a shot to these tools (trial versions). They can help in weeding out the false positives and getting an insight about the organisations. Some of the tools are: Insight VM, Nexpose, Metasploit pro,App spider etc.

Do you have the right skill set and attitude to get into Rapid7? Check out the below link. 

Career options:


What is there for you here? If you are a working professional into Security domain, these organisations can help you to take your organisations security posture to the next level. 

If you are a professional and want to shift to cybersecurity, the knowledge can be helpful in making a decision of what is there in the market and how you can benefit from that knowledge.

If you are a CEH aspirant then you must be aware about the products and services offered by different companies, this will help you to assess yourself.

  • Do you have enough relevant knowledge and skills as per market demand?

  • Does the career links have anything of your interest?

  • Do you see a career in – security product development, providing a service, be on the user end?

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