5 Unmissable Reasons To Get An ITIL Certification

What do Boeing, Caterpillar, Microsoft and IBM have in common? They are all global companies with a large employee force delivering great service. Ever wondered how do they all do it so consistently? It is not a common question to cross our minds, but an important one. One of the key reasons why these companies are what they are, is their exceptional ability to leverage the benefits of the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework.

ITIL is essentially a set of IT Services Management practices that help in aligning IT to business goals. In layman terms, what this means is that ITIL makes IT a vehicle to drive your business goals. Naturally, something as critically important as this needs the skill of a professional who knows his/her way about it. This is one of the primary reasons why companies look for certified ITIL professionals.

A certification in ITIL means you know all about using ITIL framework to the advantage of the business you are associated with. The ITIL certification exam is a pretty tough one and is not easy to crack. A very good training program like the one we offer at GreyCampus can help you through it. Once you clear a certification of this magnitude, the industry knows your capability as an IT adept person. Such people are always in demand as long as there is IT in this world. Apart from this basic reason in favor of an ITIL certification, there are others too, like the following:-

Better Skills

As is the case with any good quality certification, an ITIL certification helps improve your skills. You get better skills at using IT as an aiding tool in times of extreme changes. The world of IT is the fasting evolving today. An ITIL certification helps you stay relevant in these times of change as organizations need professionals who can help build a stable IT environment that can withstand changes. The detailed knowledge acquired in an ITIL certification helps you be a reliable resource who can maximize value from technological shifts and strategies.

Better Pay

A survey conducted by payscale puts certified ITIL professionals in the top most earning bracket in the US. The pay ranges from $80,000 to $130,000 per annum based on the level of certification you have. This is definitely an aspirational pay scale and to have and an important motivational factor to take up the certification.

Better Communication

ITIL and ITSM services have a common lingo that is native to all certified professionals in this area. Just the way two people who know the same language can communicate better, certified architects can communicate better. The value of clear communication that is understood as intended is critical in implementing IT services. Translated into dollar any breach of clear communication will lead to thousands of dollars spent on realigning the IT services.

Better Service

Business today is highly impacted by what its customers think today. ITIL frameworks helps organizations perform better and deliver better customer services. You as a certified ITIL architect are an integral part of this customer satisfaction. The seemingly backend service of IT that you enable directly impacts the way a customer perceives your organization. This is the reason why organizations are keenly looking for qualified and well trained ITIL certified architects.

Better Global Footprint

At an individual level, a certification in ITIL will help make your global foot print better. You will be relevant to a lot of organizations beyond your country. A whole new set of global opportunities open up for you; there are close to 10,000+ companies that have are using ITIL frameworks to their advantage. This number is only increasing. It means that your chances of employment are high and not restricted by a type or organization or a place.

An ITIL certification will stand by you in expanding the horizon for your IT career. It is important to take this journey on a good note. Hence, the need to carefully choose a training partner that can guide you well. There is no dearth of free online material for a self-study towards an ITIL certification. But, it is no match to the expertise of a trainer who has been on the scene for a long time. This is the advantage you have, when you sign up for the Self Learning online program at GreyCampus. It is supported by the working knowledge of experts who have dirtied their hands with real life ITIL implementations. This is one of the main reasons why we can boast about our 10,000 plus ITIL certified professionals. Sign up with us now and realize your dreams of being a qualified and fully certified ITIL professional.

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