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Why do we measure Continual Service Improvement?

Why do we measure Continual Service Improvement?

Continual Service Improvement  is a major framework in ITIL®. It mainly focuses in maintaining and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the IT processes and services. It uses the methods of Quality Management in order to learn from past success and failures. Continual Service Improvement is measured by the organizations many a times. We measure the Continual Service Improvement for many reasons. Here are the reasons below:
1. To validate the strategy vision.
2. To direct the targets and metrics.
3. To justify the factual evidence of IT performance
4. To interview the changes and take corrective actions.
Check the info graph below and know the details.
measurement framework

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ala yasin 2014-11-23 19:53:18 +0530

Thanks I believe the last reason is to intervene and not to interview

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