5 Tips For Acing Your CCNA Exam

In the competitive scenario that we find ourselves in today, candidates possessing the coveted CCNA certification are considered to be more proficient in tackling network technologies. Yes, appropriately rated as one of the most honored certifications in today’s times, CCNA enhances the career prospects of aspirants through better job opportunities and pay structures. This article brings vital tips and tricks for those who are aspiring for the CCNA certification examinations.

Get Ready to take the CCNA Examination

Before adopting these CCNA tips and tricks, do know that you don’t need painstakingly incessant hours of study for acing the CCNA exam? Nevertheless, you need to be disciplined in setting aside a few important hours for studying the recommended CCNA course material and updating yourself with the newest network technology, regularly, and without fail! 

The best part of the preparation phase for CCNA exam is that you become competent in exploring and discovering new concepts and theories. Also, along with gaining theoretical knowledge, you find yourself a step ahead in practical experiences about every networking topic. So, study with patience and adhere to the following tips; the rewards will come forth in good time! 

Tip 1: Route to be Followed

While taking the CCNA exam, you are required to adopt one of two routes available: either take up two exams (this is for an easy move) or just settle for a single combined test. Every aspirant generally decides his/ her own preferred route; thus, no method can be declared better than the other. Depending upon your own level of competency, you need to decide upon the preparation path that you would like to follow.

Tip 2: Know the Comprehensiveness

Various topics are included in the CCNA exam conducted by CISCO. The topics are basically based upon TCP/IP models possessing comprehensive routing practices. Since there are countless topics to be covered under this exam, it might appear a bit difficult to crack them all at the beginning. However, you may like to concentrate mainly on ICND which is considered as the standpoint for all forms of CCNA exams offered by CISCO. Of course, you should follow all suggested topics thoroughly.

Tip 3: Practical Skill is Essential

Even after acquiring a strong hold upon the theoretical knowledge pertaining to CCNA examination topics, you are still not ready! A comprehensive study of CCNA topics would include practical experience as well. As an aspirant, you should be in a position to utilize your theoretical information to troubleshoot the practical issues related to networking. For instance, anyone would know that IP is unpredictable; the trick is to be able to generate a substitute for eradicating communication difficulties among the nodes over IP. 

Tip 4: Do you have the Appropriate Study Material?

When you are going through the published web results, you will find ample study materials that claim to be the best. However, following CISCO’s own published materials would give you the best results. Follow the latest updated books published by CISCO inclusive of ICND1 and ICND2. These books contain easy and clear tone of languages; additionally, it is easy to understand all the topics broadly. CISCO comes up with useful reference guides that are really helpful in preparing for the CCNA exam within a short span of time. It is also advisable to register yourself for discussion forums of CISCO and update yourself with the latest study processes. 

Tip 5: Get a Real Exam Feel Virtually!

Exam date is fast approaching? Well, it’s the right time to plan for practice sets of tests. Create practical deadlines and try to accomplish as many problems as possible within those deadlines. Don’t worry if you do not succeed in solving all tests to perfection; there’s ample scope of improving yourself with more practice. Refresh your knowledge by going back to the guide books offered by CISCO. This move would allow you to look into any such point that you might have missed earlier. 

During the last few days before your CCNA exams, you should devote your time in solving test questions and refreshing all the important pointers. Try to accumulate fresh problems; go through forum discussions; and take up as many mock tests as possible. Once there, you should be in a better position to evaluate your hold upon networking concepts. 

The Bottom Line…

The bottom line is that it is possible to ace your CCNA exam if you work hard. Selecting the most appropriate route to study, and sticking to the best study materials, are perhaps the most essential requirements for gaining this milestone. Remember that such opportunities do not come easily and you need to prioritize your efforts and other resources to benefit from the same. 

Good luck!

- Author
Shivam J


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