7 Traits That Show You are a Good Project Manager

A good leader is all it takes to make a difference between a good and bad team, a successful and an unsuccessful project. There may be a great team, an impeccable strategy, and excellent resources; but if the person leading all these falls short, then the results would be anything but great or excellent. In any process, a good project manager is a must. Some of the expected project management skills are leading the team effectively, bringing out the best performance in every employee and continuously making improvements.

Read on for some traits that every manager should possess and which make him stand apart from the rest.

7 Traits That Make a Difference

Some project manager roles and responsibilities show that a project manager is a good one. These are:

Excellent Communication Skills

One of the major reasons of any project succeeding is not just restricted to having a good team and resources, but how well they communicated with each other throughout. A good project manager should be able to question, share, explain and listen as and when required. A good communicator prevents any mishaps, mistrust or confusion that may occur due to lack to communication.

Setting of Priorities

At any time, a project has numerous stages and processes that occur simultaneously. Focusing on everything at once can be disastrous. A good project manager knows how to set priorities and proceed with the project. This not only ensures that the project flows smoothly but also ensures a stress-free work environment.


This trait guarantees that the project manager can respond to sudden, unforeseen changes in an efficient manner. Irrespective of how well the priorities have been set; there will be some developments that may have the power to change the structure and functioning of the project. An adaptable project manager does not bend under situations, and directs the project successfully.

Ability to Delegate Responsibilities

Project managers should be able to delegate various responsibilities to the right people s well as assign tasks and communicate clear instructions to the team. They are not supposed to get down to the micro-management of the team or control members closely. The act of delegation showcases trust and employees respond positively to the same. This highlights their people management skills as well.

Performance Management and Ability to Coach

The job of managers does not end at just delegating. They should be able to monitor the team’s performance as well. A good manager knows whether his employees are working up to their potential and talents or not. They give constructive criticism, feedback and encouraging comments to their employees, as and when needed. They have the capability to coach team-members in order to improve their strengths. In other words, performance management and effective coaching is vital in any project.

Ability to Foresee

It is easy to lead a team when the structure is well defined and the expectations and goals are set properly. However, good managers have the ability to anticipate and terminate the issues that may jeopardize the project in any way. They can foresee before any damage comes their way.

Domain Expert

A project manager is expected to be the expert in his domain and should possess the skills to deliver a successful project. Just efficiently managing a knowledgeable and experienced team with zero expertise in the relevant domain has to be avoided. A good project manager should have enough expertise of the domain that the project is associated with, along with prior knowledge of other relevant aspects. This reduces dependency on others and gives him the ability to foresee and respond effectively.

Turning Good into Great

The above mentioned traits are some of the key reasons that can make any good project manager into a great one. A good leader leads by an example and his encouraging attitude transpires into the team. When the team is strongly motivated and a great project manager is at the steering wheel, then one can be assured of exceptional results.  

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