Beginner’s Peep into PRINCE2 for more Successful Projects

PRINCE2 stands for PRoject IN Controlled Environments. It is a process based methodology used by numerous companies for effective project management. This strategy was primarily used by the Government bodies and public sectors in UK; however it soon found its way into private sectors internationally. 
PRINCE2 is a flexible management technique that guides users through all essentials of running and executing a successful project, irrespective of the scale and type of the same. The key a dvantage of PRINCE2 is that it can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of any industry. 
Key Features of PRINCE2
Some of the significant features of PRINCE2 include:
  • It focusses on justifying and meeting business goals.
  • It places emphasis on segregating every project into manageable phases and approaches each stage accordingly.
  • The planning approach of Prince2 in companies is entirely product-based.
  • Its flexibility can be adjusted as per the immediate requirements of a project.
  • It clearly defines the organizational structure of every project management team.

    Why Should Organizations Use PRINCE2
PRINCE2 not only makes project management more efficient but offers numerous benefits too, some of which include:
  • It offers maximum control of available resources and optimizes their usage.
  • Greater risk analysis can be achieved, thus increasing the success rate of projects.
  • It enables organizations to manage any business project and project teams.
  • The entire course of a project can be controlled efficiently with flexible decision points, thereby contributing to positive results.
  • It allows users to provide regular reviews and progress reports, so as to keep the project on track.
  • It controls any deviation from desired goals. 
  • The modules/ sub-modules of Prince2 encourage teams and managers to develop and utilize all necessary skills, at all staff levels.

    Prince 2 for Project Mangers
PRINCE2 provides a common platform for all users to understand the different phases and stages involved in project management. Here, the tools and communication put to use are universal in nature, thus eliminating any discrepancies while applying the methodology. Moreover, it encourages users to recognize every individual’s role and responsibility in a project. The timeline of the project and its delivery details are also a part of PRINCE2 deliverables.
An organization can undoubtedly benefit in more ways than one by implementing PRINCE2. More so, this methodology proves to be quite beneficial for individual professionals as well. It helps them gain greater project management skills, making them invaluable in any project. It even elevates employment prospects with a scope of better managerial positions and higher pay-scale.
How to Get Trained for PRINCE2
Professionals can apply for two kinds of PRINCE2 training:
PRINCE2 Foundation: As the name suggests, this is the first step of learning PRINCE2 and covers the basic methodology and terminologies included in the same. This training program can be achieved through online courses or in a classroom. Its related examination consists of 75 multiple choice questions and lasts for an hour. 38 correct answers are required to clear this closed book examination.
PRINCE2 Practitioner: This course is for those who are already familiar with PRINCE2. It serves as the next level of training and equips participants with the advanced skills required for managing projects efficiently. Just as PRINCE2 Foundation, this course can also be learnt via online sessions or in a classroom led by a tutor.  The PRINCE2 Practitioner examination lasts for 3 hours and comprises of 9 questions worth 40 marks each. An overall score of 180 is required to clear this open book examination. 
Once the participants are certified with PRINCE2 credentials, it is important that they re-register with the examination board within 3-5 years, since the time of issue of their original certificate. If certified professionals fail to do so, their registered status will be withdrawn and they might have to take the examination again in a year’s time to receive the certification. PRINCE2 re-registration processes are as important as applying for various training programs. Many accredited institutes offer 3 day foundation, 5 day practitioner and/or 1 day refresher courses. 
Way Forward
If you are looking for a course that can add immense value to your career, look no further than PRINCE2. It opens up multiple avenues where certified professionals can enjoy better job profiles, higher responsibilities and an opportunity to make a difference in every successful project. 

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