Communication Strategies To Strengthen Your Project Team

Every project owes its successful completion to effective communication, which is one of the key responsibilities of a project manager. Today we will look at some communication strategies that you can use to make your project a grand success. 

There is always room and need for improvement in anything we do. Without the desire to improve at every step, we slowly drift towards the path of failure. This phenomenon is most common in case of projects undertaken by different companies, such as long term government projects. The people who are most affected by this are the members of the project team working on the project. So what is the exact effect that having no desire to improve has on a project team? It ultimately leads to the failure of the project due to poor performance of the team members. On large government projects, a failed project can cost a company millions in loss figures. What any company and any project team leader needs to do is focus on the success of the project by improving the performance of the project team with the help of improved communication strategies.

Today, we would like to discuss four very specific ways, using which, project leaders can bring about confirmed improvements in the communication strategies of a project. These improved strategies will pave the way for all future projects to reach the epitome of success quite easily. You can come across many more other ways to do so other than these six. But these are the optimum tips. So read on to find out more.  

Using an effective project management software

You need to choose a project management tool that can help you enhance your level of communication. The tool should be able to help you share knowledge, ideas and documents, as well as allowing access to updated project tasks to all members of the project management team. The team members will also be able to respond to all assignments posted on the portal.

Create a secure Facebook group for just your project team members

A Facebook group is always a fun place to interact with friends and colleagues and discuss the progress of work done. If you create a secure and private Facebook group for your project team members, you can rest assured that everyone will use the group with equal enthusiasm. Keeping tabs on which team member is doing what would become extremely easy, as the team members will be communicating with each other, discussing their progress. 

Daily meetings with team members

Holding meetings and conferences on a daily basis can do wonders for the morale of your project management team. Through daily meetings, you can keep every team member on their toes and alert when it comes to their share of the work. If you go with weekly progress reports, any lethargic team member will be able hide in the pages of the report, and you will not be able to truly determine the nature of the progress your project has seen throughout its course, as well as which team member deserves the most credit.

Properly review the weekly schedule and status report

As the manager of a project, you have the responsibility of reading each and every status report, and make necessary revisions so as to inform the client regarding the actual progress of his or her project. The same thing needs to be with official schedule of the project as well. You need to involve your entire project team for the purpose of the project schedule review before you can send the final report to your client. By doing so, you can also ensure that your entire team knows the exact status of the project, and the remaining time in hand for completing the project. This is a fine example of improving project communication.

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