How PMP Certification Changes Your Ordinary Life

You become certified by Industry’s most recognised and honourable accreditation body - PMI
In the 1960s the field of project management had emerged in the aerospace, construction and defence industries. The Project Management Institute (PMI) was initiated by people from these industries and the academia. It was founded October 1969 at the Georgia Institute of Technology as a nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to the field of project management. PMI's objectives in the 1975 were described as to "foster recognition of the need for professionalism in project management; provide a forum for the free exchange of project management problems, solutions and applications; coordinate industrial and academic research efforts; develop common terminology and techniques to improve communications; provide interface between users and suppliers of hardware and software systems; and to provide guidelines for instruction and career development in the field of project management.
Working with professionals and businesses in over 180 countries around the world now, the PMI® sets the industry standard for project management excellence. With membership at over 300,000, the PMI® dedicates its efforts towards advancing the practice, science and profession of project management, the world over.
The changes into your way of working after being equipped with project management knowledge and standards
After getting PMP certified, the professionals find a difference as compared to the unstructured way of managing the projects. As there are lot of procedures, processes , tools and techniques to manage the projects , project managers get more robust and structured way of managing the projects from start till end attaining the success.The PMP certification brings a sense of ownership and discipline into our way of working.
The motivation to lead, direct and bring change to a disorganised infrastructure
It’s a proven fact that when professionals go through the PMI’s intensive training on Project Management and is equipped with all the knowledge, they get a direction and motivation to take initiatives to bring positive changes to the existing organisation. They are able to find out the discrepancies into the existing system and suggest productive and effective way of managing projects and business. They talk more in PMP language which impresses the senior management and they get more confident on such professionals which result in getting higher roles and better positions into the organisation.
Get opportunity to network with successful and intellectual people during PMI local chapter meetings and conferences.
PMI and the PMI local chapters invite professional to the networking programs which are aimed at building and strengthening the professional community of Project Management Professionals. Members and non members are invited to participate at networking events to expand their circle of influence, build professional relationships or simply have a great evening over conversation. Networking Programs offer events that facilitate meeting other project and program managers.  They hold a variety of events so that have something that will appeal to different interests.
The Salary which is “The Best” in the industry 
The PMP certification distinguishes the professionals from other project management candidates, even if the company does not require it. PMP certification is becoming more and more popular as a screening tool for companies looking for project management candidates.
Over a period of time it will become as important as a college degree is today. PMP certification proves that you’re a better project manager than someone without the certification and it shows to the prospective employer that you have some degree of seriousness in the profession and that you were motivated enough to invest the time to pass the exam. It also indicates that you have and can apply knowledge of project management methodology, rather than just relying on hard work and organization skills. That’s why employers are willing to pay more money for a PMP-certified professional.  The average salary of a PMP certified project manager is AUD 98000 – AUD 110000 

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