Impact of PRINCE2 on IT Industry

The world of business is constantly evolving with new methods being increasingly adopted with every passing day. The obsolete ones are getting replaced with something better and developments are being made for effective and result oriented methodologies. However, the one thing that has remained constant in organizations is undertaking of new projects, and this is something that will continue, no matter what.

Due to this, organizations are investing in techniques and procedures that help them manage their projects in an efficient and successful manner. This is the reason why, of late, different kinds of project managements methodologies have been on a rise for obvious reasons. PRINCE2 is a project management tool that is being widely used in numerous organizations--all over the world. Read on for the impact of PRINCE2 on IT Industries.

Why is PRINCE2 so Popular with the IT Sector?

PRINCE2 is a methodology with which IT companies can monitor high level management and control processes linked to just about any project, with the highest levels of accuracy. The training imparted to project managers and other practitioners with PRINCE2 certification enables them to implement steps that generally result in high quality delivery. This oft-implemented tool provides guidance on how a specific IT project should be approached and what all steps should be taken to deliver successful results.

This project management method can interlink various elements of a project, consider all the factors that affect its success, and produce tailor-made sequences that are specific for the smooth handling of all tasks and integrated procedures. While the PRINCE2 project methodology is used in numerous industries such as marketing, business transformation, product development, R&D and construction, its impact is being strongly felt in the IT industry—and in a big way.

Impact on IT Industry

IT industry faces a different set of challenges as compared to other industries. PRINCE2 helps in addressing them in an efficient manner and succeeds in having an overall positive impact on the industry. Some of the ways it impacts a project in IT are:

  • It allows the project to be scalable and customizable. Every project within the IT industry can be unique and quite different from one another. PRINCE2 applies its principles and themes to suit different projects. It considers the environment of the projects, their scale, budgets, resources and the desired results. Accordingly, it enables the possibility of scaling projects and making them customizable, as and when required.
  • PRINCE 2 allows every IT project it be flexible. The scale, nature and complexity of these projects vary greatly and it is important that equal attention is given to each aspect of the same, irrespective of their size and nature. PRINCE2 doesn’t differentiate projects based on size and produces equal results for all kinds of projects. As it can integrate quite easily with a range of industry-specific business models, this tool serves to be a major advantage in IT projects.
  • This structure assists in defining clear outcomes. As most of the IT projects comprise of a series of stages and phases, it is important to provide fluidity to the different processes related to specific projects. PRINCE2 aligns all the phases in a seamless manner and offers clarity to different IT projects. Once the structure is in place and the role and function of each stage is defined by PRINCE2, concerned teams can execute them properly to get desired results.

PRINCE2 risk management proves to be greatly advantageous in IT industry as its proven methodologies minimize most risks and promotes the cause of continuous improvement. It evolves with the pace of the changing industry standards and requirements and reinvents itself constantly; so as to ensure positive results in the fierce and competitive IT industry.

Way Ahead

As it can be seen, PRINCE2 business benefits are indeed numerous. The above-mentioned points are just some of the many areas that impact the IT industry. There are many more benefits under its belt, which is why every IT industry should seriously consider implementing the same in their organizational processes. With PRINCE2 in place, not only can companies deliver successful results, but also affect their overall revenue generation in a more positive manner. 

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