Webinar: Real-time Implementation of Project Management tools

GreyCampus presented to you a 1-hour informative webinar that will help you get hands-on experience with the latest Project Management tools that are used to demonstrate a project case in the real-world scenario.

The webinar covered the holistic approach to Project Management in the real-world scenario. Mr Ankit Rastogi the presented a case study from the IT industry which is related to Software Development & Launches and will walk through it using the latest Project Management tools and techniques. Through this webinar, you can relate to the case and also understand the significance of good Project Management practices.

Below is the recorded version of the Webinar that was held on 15th January 2018.

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Hello everyone we're just going to start the webinar and as you are aware it is about implementation of project management tools with the real-time practices in the project so basically it's before is starting the webinar I would like to give a short introduction our supernova has very well introduced myself but just for the inside and just giving you some of the key points of my introduction so I am having experience of terriers when more than six years of experience in training and monitoring I am a certified six sigma black belt from ASE and PMPprofessional.I am also associated with the AES organization also I have the qualificationas a leader 804 QMS 9001 2015 I've beentraining for basic project management andquality management tools for around more thansix years two different differentindustries two different differentenvironment whether it be productionwhether it be of service industries Ihave taken up some of the various ofassignments on project  improvement and rage' tocurtailing the cost of improving processefficiency optimizing resources andmortality improvements in some of the thecorporate level so this is somethingabout me and now we are going tojump into the actual session which youare very much exciting about alright solet's start with Sasha oh.

Webinar objectives

Our objectives would be like after thewebinar you would be able to understandthe significance of project managementto this scenario you will be able tofigure out how is it worth to pursuecarrier as a project management professional becauseright now in this particular domain ofproject management basedhigh demand in market so wewill get to move with the facts andfigures in latter slights we understandthe project process groups and knowledgeareas and what is the linkages betweenthem so I have updated my this webinar asper the new guidelines of pmbok sixthedition so we will get all the fresh andsites over here and walk through thewhole project management practices inreal time with the case study and afterthis show you would be able tocomprehend the uses of projectmanagement tools in any project so Iwill just start with the definition ofproject.

What is a project:

Every project should have a defined beginning and end in timelines so the most important thing before carrying out our project you should have defined beginning and endlines in terms of time and therefore it will have defined scope and define with sources which would be allocated to the project now until moving to the process scopes as cropping the sixth edition the process scripts basically we have categorized into five categories these are also called as phases and these are like

  1. initiating

  2. planning

  3. executing

  4. monitoring&controlling

  5. closing

So any kind of project will go through or pass through all these phases at one or another point of China these five process groups are interlinked with process project management 10 knowledge areas as the interaction of define time knowledge areas the interactions of process groups and knowledge areas defined the set off 49 unique processes to help you and guide you during the project let's see how it is interlinked to each other.

Interlink between PM process groups and knowledge areas

It isthe very first columnwe can see allthe knowledge areas and their interlinkare defined in different different cellsunder different different processclothes for initiating if we see interlinktelling this is between initiating andwith the immigration - man it would beto develop project charter in thesimilar fashion all the processes havebeen defined and so talitydia 49 innumber so just walking you through thewhole matrix so that you would be havinggood understanding how it is created andhow it would help us in carrying out theproject so there are 8000 projects whichcan be carried out I have listed downsome of the important projects which arevery much common in the industriesconstruction project which is morerelated to the construction of buildingsroads etcetera new product development likethere could be your introduction of newdrug on you vehicle in the market soprojects are related to the IT industrywhich is new software development ormaybe even kind of development of newinterest internet site or any news ofyour application some of the projectsare associated with a nice pretty plateswhich could be a kind of new accountingsystem or new payroll systems some ofthe products are associated withequipment or system installation whichcould be a kind of IP systeminstallation domination or may be a kindof telephonic connection system relatedto events there could be projects likeour movie project or organizing any kindof a sports like Commonwealth Gamessome plates are related to themaintenance of the process industrieswhich could be a maintenance ofpetrochemical plant orinterpreting generation station theseare processes like maintenance processcan be outsourced from differentdifferent sources some of the routes canbe related to the research world wherethere could be a need of any feasibilityanalysis of visibility its study some ofthe process improvement projects can becarried out along with some degreeengineering projects with respect to SixSigma or quality improvement projects orbusiness process engineering .

Now we will just have a look at the

Project in IT Industry

Projects are very common criticsin IT industry, it can be anything fromsoftware application as we have seen inearlier slide it could be implementationof big systems or deployment of bigpackages like idler exits or may beASAP implementation or maybe a wholechange in IT infrastructuresometimes IT company has their ownapproaches to take many projects theymay have defined a structured approachto carry out any IT project which mayinclude the software development cycleor maybe a SDLC cycle the most beforeapproach in IT projects is as I'llapproach because in IT industries itwill see it faces so many computationfrom different different market whichleads to frequent changes in userrequirement so you should be very Israelwhile capturing the requirement becauserequirement changes during the course ofthe time at the very first moment if youhave gathered some requirementmaybe during the project it may lead tosome kind of changes so you should bevery open in while carrying out any ITproject the main challenges of ITprojects include personal short phoneunreasonable project shield and desertunrealistic expectations very incompleterequirements which is a very seriousissue in at industries and also lesschanceof opportunity due to late delivery ofsoftware its time and you will have afixed deadline to completethe softwareprocess.

The case study with PM tools

Now we will take up one casestudy with our apian tools fit the casestudies based on IT project whichincludes deployment of internet systemin an organization impurity isacknowledging many companies are usingintranets to automate anything fromsimple processes like employee epistlesand maybe it may include some kind ofsophisticated processes like CRM in achart this way employees can access workrelated information and share the relevant information within internal intranet on real-time basis so otherpieces study is based on this feature ofthe software developed and they will gothrough the project of Internet softwaredevelopment and launch in anorganization which is known as ABC TRLCP with the help of our PM tools.

Project Charter

To start a project first of all we have to prepare of define projectcharter the main components of project charter typically includes the project name, businesscase ,problem statement, Goal/ matrices , expected deliverable,project scope that will be preliminary if thisparticular space project team and otherresources , project milestones this would be inbroad sense you don't have to drill itdown to a small smaller units for smallsmall activities and the expectedbenefits and risks associated with it ifwe have sort of any kind of riskso let's just move on to the projectcharter actual project charter for thisbusiness case studychocolate on break can be a kind ofdisplaying Charter which can be seen asas shown where in this esteem so you canjust have a look it has some of theelements some of the element is a verymuch desire like business case is what isthe business case for this organizationhow the business cases related to yourorganizations bull or strategies whatis the problem we are facing how it ishelpful to clear out this project for our organization what is the goal of thisproject what are the expected variablesand we will have some tentative scheduleover here they define the key milestonesby taking some of the faces on the broadsense the divide over here what could bethe predictive suppose so who say thespecial needs in the costs associatedwith the projectthe decide over here expected benefitsand risk which we can see as of now andhe constraint which we may face at thetime of carrying out a project oranything of Assumption let's look atthis particular project charter for ourcase study our product name is launch ofnewinternet site to predict a sponsoris mentioned over here she is a CEO ofthe company the project manager is to findthe all the contact details certifyingdomination or unit which is under thescope the process which is involved expected a start date for the projectexpected completion date and what wouldbe the expected savings then theundefined business case over here likeABC LLC is a global organizationproviding consultancy services todifferent industries we have a steelmanpower to give you the proper solutionon your staging and Business Schoolachievements.

This is a preferred partner and global leader in business consulting services by 2050 25 we always focus on a strong collaboration and communication with the partners and among our internal stakeholders so that we can understand your requirements and purpose you a better solution. so basically if you see reallylook in this business case we havedefined the organization bull what is the organization vision and then we havedefined what basically is the need for the business to carry out or to tend to this vision so after an edification ofthis need we have to propose the problemwhat could be the problem or it may notbe a problem really but it could be avalue addition by doing this project so most of our stakeholders are globally located who fired it difficult to getreal-time information or requirementsgetting the item information is a key to provide correct solution. because of frequentchanges in requirements we face theissues of inadequate solutions to someof times in the past which may lose ourcredibility in the market so it may leadto some kind of issue in future it isnot them right now and it is alsoassociated with our business case on aracial reason now we have defined thegoals what should be the goal forcarrying out this plan you get torealize the full functionality of internet system to increase productivity and achieve financial savings in next fiveyears so you should be very refined whatshould be a time frame where you areexpecting the benefits what kind ofbenefits you are expecting everythingshould be defined as your goal and theexpected deliverables there should beuser-friendly easy to use it can becustomized later onbased on a user experience not incurringQ's amount of cost and also easy tomaintain it should require very loweffort to operate now we should defined thescoop what should be within a scopewhat should be out of the scope goodeven a scoop can be a kind of boundaryand the kind of segment which you canproposal over here should be the focusarea like over here employees of UDCLHC site one site to site 3 and ABCE LLChead office is going to use thistechnology so they are under the scopewell then this scope is out of the scopethe timelines are defined on the godbasis on the face basis so that projectpolish to the team formation is scopethey do everything as if I'm timelinesstart to complete similarly for I'mleveling budget plan kickoff andinitiating phase you know planning phaseexecuting monitoring and controllingprojects from the airport and close offearly activity has defined start anddefined completion date the productionis defined over here who would do whatyou know to be a responsibility you arethe number who are the numbers who wouldbe involved so here you can see everyoneis to defined over here now the cost wakeup of course and what cost you are estimating as so onand you just smooth yourself may mean for cost speaker we are defined some of the testcentersad well three ads versus maintenancemiscellaneous and then we can define inthe weights and quantity for each of theamount so this amount would be the totalcost which would be incurred during thecasting of projectthis is estimation it may also reduce ormay increase depending upon thenecessity during the course of budgetcarried out the expected benefitsbecause over here the benefits in financial termsso we are information savings of somepower over a period of five years whatwe have decided which justifies thecosts incurred also if you see the costincurred over here it is very low so itis actually helping us in some futuretime and also it will strengthencommunication channel among team memberswith the real-time access to the date ora time which are updating its workhorse ofthe accessibility and increase overallproductivity there is which can bepotential risk for this project could bea will incomplete requirements constraincould be external resourceapproachability assumption would bepassed critic subsurface accordinglydepending upon your project you candefine all these elements and you can prepare the project charter.

for that nowcoming back to stakeholder

Stakeholder Identification

Stakeholderidentification is important because we have definedour team so all the stakeholders havebeen identified this should be the issueand over here in that stakeholderregister so all the differentindividuals are mentioned what what isthe position of themthe organization whether they are internalor external project role what should bethe great role for their differentdifferent tools in the organization bytelling on the project their differentcontact information's of the individualsand an array map you can mention awaythis is very important to identifystakeholders because if you are in defystakeholders very well then it wouldbe very easy to carry out otheroperations of the project now you needsome kind of good communication you haveto do the stakeholder management so youhave to plan for a stakeholdermanagement.

let's see what it isstakeholder management

Stakeholder Management plan

Stakeholder Management plan can based onapproach to the stakeholder during theproject it can be defined in differentaxes with the support influenced chartlet's just have a look of our projectthis could be a template for thestakeholder management plan done where youcan define the individuals their ruleswhat is their commitment level whatlevel of involvement is expected out ofthem any known or potential issues withthem while the stakeholder invested inthe project success what is thestakeholders input what at what pointchange effort is this stakeholdersinvolvement is required what activitiesdirectly involve but impact bystakeholder now a team member which isresponsible for this activity what arethe tasks involvement needs to be met byand what activities likely involve orimpact a stakeholder so all theseelements if you capture you will come upwith a good stakeholder management planaccordingly you can plan further how tomanage these stakeholders during thecourse of a project because it is veryvery important to do this analysisbefore carrying out a projectit leads to a success of youcarry out this activity very wellbecause accordingly your communicationlevel will differ for a differentindividual let's see for our projectharvest fairy we have mentioned all thestakeholders over here there aredifferent roles the level of commitmentas we have seen in this chart thecommitment level differs with thesesymbols 0 minus plus direct plus minuswould be very much in interest rate isnot interest rate it L is not going tocontribute into your project zero may bea neutral kind of feel neutral kind ofattitude plus many a kind of supportiveand plus plus could be a kind ofinterested party was really interestedin project and wants to be a success soaccordingly you can mention what kind oflevel you have observed with each andevery stakeholder then what level ofinvolvement is expected out of them youknow what is your expectation from thesedifferent stakeholders if there anyissue you have to mention over here likeMr.John who is basically a team memberas a IT lead who is going to take outall the activities related to thedevelopment and implementation ofinternet system in the organization soMr. John is disappointed with the lastcycle of compensation reason he is notwilling to contribute so why is thestick wielding interested in thisproduct success be and processarticulate and IT lead he hasbreathtaking records of success in ITsoftware developments that is why his hetook for this particular project as akey leaderwhat is the stakeholders predicted ofinput the input tape can be he may notbe able to contribute to the project asdesired then from internal intranetdevelopment stage that is frominitiation to running streams this isvery very required very much requiredunderstand and other the informationof the requirements what a activate isdirectly in war or impact a stakeholderenjoyed design and developmentactivities of course so in the similarfashion you can define all theseelements in a street corner marriage andplants so that you will come up with theidea how to deal with these fellowsduring the course off with the project executionnow coming back to our slidesafter defining the street food a Madisonplan we need to come up with somecommunication plan .

Communication plan

During the course ofthis project because communication isvery important if you have any lag incommunication then it may lead to floodthe kind of expectations which may leadto a failure of a project so thecommunication plan can have some kind ofelements or define matrix you can clickfire project where you can mention thestakeholder name the power or interestof the a stakeholder the interest andissues communication repo what you willdefer you have a communication between astakeholder and your team between frequency level and any comments if you haveanything observed during the forgetexecution project completion you canmention over here so it can be updatedfor that as per the demand as per thefrequency here we have mentioned allthese key stakeholders they have powerand interest that kind of interest andwhat kind of issue they can raise sothat accordingly we can propose for thecommunication be good sometimes it isvery necessary to at our one-to-one meetwith a stakeholder screw that it wouldbe very effective because in some of thecases in the industrial phase thestakeholder is very busy in some otheractivities and he is not willing tocontribute mainly so he is not replyingback to the mail or any messages soanother approach which would be to go tothe stakeholder and talk to him in frontthen the frequency level you can decidebased upon how frequently you want tocarry out this kind of communicationvery important in parts of a project tostart it with a kickoff invitation andthe kickoff the invitation mail shouldbe very much enthusiastic for the peoplewho are the invitees and who have beeninvited for the project kick off so thatthe overall agenda of project kickoffwould be a kind of excitement for thepeople to be a part of project .

Project Kick off Invitation

So let'sjust understand how we can prepare our kickoff invitation mail it can bedefined as the date subject yourparticipant you are cordially invitedare attending the kickoff meeting on theproject launch of new internal intranetsite in our organization then you haveto really show the excitement how areyou how much you are excited for leadingthis project or for making the peopleinvited for this projectI am really very excited to have you inmy team are looking forward to discussmore about the project you during themeeting this kind of excitementsstatement can lead to you for theprojectI am among all the team members amongall the stakeholders then the kickoffmeeting date time you can define thevenue and again if there's any inclusiveyou can mention where the better at wewish to have a agenda TRADOC also inplace so that everyone would be awarewhat is the idea of kickoff and howtheir contribution is important for theproject carry on.so let's just have alook on project tip off a agenda off it.

Project Kick Off Agenda

Let's just havea look on this template for our projectwe have defined all the details what isthe project description the kickoff date meeting time venue invitees in attendeesagenda I term all agenda items aremeasured introductory Slushier whatshould be the timelines for each andevery in the item would be per presenterfor this item everything is to find itwould also lead to a kind of timefoundation for the people who is goingto leave predictive off so that it wouldremove with the timelines and it willhave a kind of sequence how he has tocarry out the activity during thekickoff any queries you can mention overhere and then the best practice is justafter the completion of kickoff prepareour minutes of meeting and send itacross to all stakeholders now coming tothe project planning which is veryimportant part if you have carried outthe project planning .

Project plan

Project plannedin a well mannerthen you are leading to a projectsuccess but otherwise if planning hasflap you may end up into a projectfailure so it is very important part andvery thorough understanding is neededquite carrying out a plan.for the planning purpose you can bringdown your project into a different smallsmall individual elements which could bea kind of activity so to breakdownthese activities to a best possible wayyeah it is very much manageable bysingle resource and very easily within atime line it is also called as workbreakdown structure let's just have alook of it's the structure for ourproject work breakdown structure can bea kind of template like what is shownover here the project Alton is nation toAikman is a company name and the datethen for this project we have definedall the phasesthus recall in the slide that we havedefined off to that milestones so takingall these milestones over here as a freeillness and then we have defined thetasks for each and every milestone eachphase they are different tasks which canbe carried out it can be further brokendown as per your need up to whatever youwant to discuss so that each task isrelated to a single resource and can beeasily managed so this is how we havedefined all the different tasks now justhave a look on for the breakdown if youwant to carry out for the breakdown Iwould propose you a kind of templatelike this which can be called as whatbreakdown structure additional now youcan really define all the tasks then subtasks try to varya little you can define the activitiesthen you can further break it down toyour task level then sub task level youcan have some task ID associated with itthat's task owner who is owning thetasks task resources and better to havea single resource a single task what isa task status you can define over hereany estimated costs begin deed for anyparticular task what should be theestimated cost the gate of completionand the actual date of completion sothat you can get it out you can have atrack on the task completionare you meeting the deadlines is it actsas per the schedule so accordingly you can have a for the break down then comes topredict projects scheduling.

Project Scheduling

While we have defined all different tasks light comes to the scheduling of the task itis very important because if you have plan your project tasks the well-mannered with good scheduling while taking into account of all the possible factors it would lead to the completion of the project as distributed by you bring the time of project charter preparation it is very important because it is somehow related to your cost if you are not meeting the deadlines there could be a paint off schedule variation which may lead to your cost increase for the project .

Gantt Chart

Here we have defined a Ganttchart for our project for the shippingpurpose at different differentactivities you can see the very firstcolumn all that activity at the very lowlevel are mentioned over here and thetimelines associated with them ishighlighted with the help of barsoriental bars just have a look on theGantt charthere so these kind of tablets you canuse which is very handy where you candefine the start date let's say it is 15 0 1 1 8 and the end date for this maybe 25 0 1 1 8 so you can see over herein the Gantt chart it is highlight okayin the similar fashion you can mentionthat the start and end times butdifferent activities and it wouldautomatically get type like an in theGantt chart young child will help you toadd the progress adhere to the Scheduleyou so it is very useful tool for you asa project management professional offyour preparation of the Gantt chart youcan carry out your project as schedulednow it is very important to study forthe risk analysis of its elements duringthe course of goal predict it should notbe the case you have just completed theproject then you have identified therace so during the course of thisproject at each and every phase at eachand every moment you need to identifythe possible risk so Projectidentification is very important one ofthe greatest challenges to effectiveproject correct your project orassessment is the proper identificationof race.

Project Risk Identification

Just have a look how we can doit we can have a kind of template whichcan be called an risk register where wecan mention the project name who hasprepared what is the date and it mayhave some kind of versions because itkeeps updating during the course ofproject you can mention the risk withsome rank associated with it how muchimpact it has on our project what kindof riskwhat does the descriptions for ourproject or our cases study and defineall the associated or a square in thedescription of the risk just read out104 number the risk associated is toshow you over run which could be a bigissue we are we may end up intoscheduled variation at the Y final stageso the description of the risk we arementioned the lack of input from Antony who is the external advisor we haveseen in the very first slide where wehave captured all the stakeholders thecategory of this risk could be apotential risk as of now because it's akind of estimation we have in mind thethe root cross could be and only G haslow lots of widgets in hand as anexternal adviser the potential responsesmay be a delay in providing necessaryinputs the risk owners of who is knownI chi the probability is very high atimpact is also AI accordingly afteridentification of this risk you can havesome mitigation plan which is called asthe risk management plan which wouldhelp you to mitigate this risk toeliminate this risk for the occurred infuture risk identification is an ongoingprocess as we have already discussedthroughout the project cycle is just howI look on project risk management planhow it looks like it can be a kind ofmatrix like this yeah whateverrisky or identifier you can mention therace there is similarly you can mentionwhere we have a scroll down likeacceptable terribleundesirable or intolerable thelike even as the frequency of the restgetting in problem may be possible orparallel the risk level here you canmention it is blue or medium or high orextreme departmental or location you canmention this risk is associated with a particulardepartment which you can mention overhere the financial impact associatedwith this risk and the mitigation planif you have any kind of mitigation timeyou can mention over here and postmitigation you can again assess allthese elements in severity risklikelihood this clearing and then youcan propose whether it is accepted ornot so let's just have a look on ourproject if we have identified these riskas we have seen now this risk isundesirable or intolerable it's likelyyou would be a mention horrible risklevel extreme or maybe higher Departmentwhich department is associated what kindof financial impact it has undermitigation plan for very first case wehave seen for sure overrun the regular follow up with the stakeholder to obtainnecessary inputs for the period duringthe initiation is steel itself invitingfor the initiation is teens forgather view as the off static off because inthe kickoff meeting him would be presentbut after Kickoff call also you should havea kind of knitting video M at thedifferent different reasons of otherpreview and discuss with the stakeholderfor his inputs and capture them as andwhen we find any opportunity to mediumso this way you can somehow mitigatethis risk table because you arecapturing the inputs from him while youare meeting him anytime and here recordinghis responses so now the new risksreally will be acceptable risklikelihood with possible this cleaverwould be low and solution would beaccepted this kind of table you can usefor defining the level of the risk whichhas severely on the x-axis andlikelihood on the y-axis this kind ofmatrix will tell you what level of riskit is so we have seen see where it isacceptable over here host mitigation andrisk like a clear it is possible so wecome up to second number no kind of risklevel so that is acceptable so this kindof approach you can have forestmanagement clan.

Project Executing

Now we move on to theproject executing part usually it takesthe most of the time and resources toperform project execution the project managers must see and use theirleadership skills to handle the manychallenges that occur during the projectexecution many project responses andcustomers focus on delay means relatedto providing the products services orresults his ID from the project as weare defined what should be thedeliverable for this project so we haveto see whether it is aligned withwhether we are meeting all therequirements during the executiontheorem but that we have taken intoaccount all the user experiences or theuser requirements and the milestonereport can help you to focus oncompletion of these major milestonesthey will see the milestone report in the later slide.

Milestone Report

What is milestone reportit actually use to keep a track on yourproject progress if you see over hereit can be a kind of cracker which keepsyou on track that'll be a on schedule ornot so that we can have some kind ofcourse correction we are not on shittybefore it is too late so here it can bea kind of pamphlet like this we haveeven made sure to let project name regulate oreven predict manager then all kind ofmilestones who is the responsible personstarted and ended this comparison ofother milestones are the planningsession now we have to mention thestatus as and when will be review therelation strictest level of thisparticular activity and if we have facedany issue or any remark is there you canmention over here.

Project Milestone Report

Let's just have a lookon our project East's or it is preparedfor it so here you can see the historyChris's mission on this particular dateof review we have it is a number 11 andwe have revised we have seen he hasreviewed all these activities and tomention the particular status which isdone may be running or may be yet tostart any kind of comments you havecaptured and he kind of experience youhave captured or maybe any kind of issueyou can mention in the last column asour target review was conductedsuccessfully so the I mentioned overhere it has very good response but on acoupon break in the planning tabledifferent review it had a poor response wehave mentioned everything so that we canhave something of planning for thefurther actions.

Monitoring and controlling

Now monitoring andcontrolling it is an ongoing process itinvolves middle cross leverage towardsvery objectives model from the plan andcorrective actionsfits all other process groups and occursduring all phases of the project lifecycle outputs include performancereports it may also include some kind ofchange with requests and updates tovarious plans sometimes it is veryimportant to carry out a change which isnot aligned to your expected or may beproposed and so you can have a kind ofchange request format like this whereyou can mention what the degree of changeit is whether it is a look at a school whether it is related to schedule ormaybe cost maybe technology or maybeother you can describe all the differentelements description of the changerequest events that made this change isnecessary or desirable then scopeschedule cost what kind of impact it hasand at the end you can have a kind ofapproval or maybe a kind of physics fromthe management on this change request ifyou get in there - well then you have tocarry out the change and take all thecourse of actions.

Project closing

Projectclosing which is very important partbecause after the execution of projectyou have to close this particular web soyou have to capture the learning fromthis project you have to involve all thestakeholders and in from them that thisproject is the completion phase it hasjust completed so in was Guineastakeholder and customer acceptance ofthe final products and services even ifprojects are not completed they shouldbe closed so that we can learn from thisproject if we are carrying out thesimilar kind of operating future youwould have some kind of SMD with uswhere we can look into past learningwhat went wrong so that we canthe same kind of action to reduce thepossibility of the same kind of situationnot complicated outputs include directfiles.

Lesson Learn from project

Lessons learned reports typeof organizational process assets thiscredits also include a final report andpresentation to the sponsor for seniormanagement which is very importantelement I put first a kind of predictivenow it's your responsibility to tell himand give him up at the response that youhave carried out your projectsuccessfully and it is up to theexpectation less to learn from where itcan be captured in a kind of templatelike this you could have the element ofdate project name cricketer sponsorproject manager then create finalbuzzards and then you can pull somequestions over here in the project needis scope time cost goalswhat was the success criteria listed inthe project scope statement it is allthese kind of questions you can askyourself and then you can prepare theanswers for them so that it would be akind of great learning for you in thenext singular kind of predict this quickly understand.

PMP Fact & figures

How PMP is beneficialin our carrier path we have capturedsome of the facts and figures from thePMP guidelines and PMI report Suprathis chart about some of the facts andfigures over here as for the PMI Ipoured the project management laborforce is expected to grow by 33 percentacross 11 countries through 2027 this isa kind of a speculation PMI report seesthe newly released figures predict thatnearly 22 million new jobs will becreated during next decade and employerswill neednearly 88 million individuals working inproject management oriental roads so ithas a huge demand or you can imagine thefigure how much important it would be innear future the analysis indicates adeployment in PM oriented occupationsfrom 2017 to 2022 increase by 8.5% come so I found a connection problembecause in the mid it got disconnectedbut anyway anyways we were discussingabout the PMI facts and figures so in the US we can see the kind of demandfrom 2015 17 to 2027 which would be agenerated more than 60% of to one fourthousand new project management jobsannually will come from the managementand professional service sector thencomes manufacturing finance insuranceand IT sectors so these are some factsand figures about PMP so there could bea huge duration of player growth in PMPin near future so guys just by lookingin these figures I hope you would bevery much excited about PMP to enjoyramps and to be a pre MB professional sothat you can also shape up your carrierright so this can you just give me orjust lay in check masseswhat kind of expectation you have withthe PMP carrier or maybe how you want tomake your carrier in PMP what kind ofjob you are searching for in PMP whatkind of expectation you have withrespect to PMP if you are really lookingforward to be a PMP professional we willprovide you opportunity with some kindof trainingon PMP you can go to our PMP trainingprogram link which is just straight overhere in the slide so that you can accessall kind of training program behave withrespect to PMP it would definitely helpyou in future if you are shaking upyourself for PMP carrier .


Anyways solet's summarize the whole webinar wehave seen the five project managementprocess groups which are initiatingplanning executing monitoring andcontrolling and closing you can map themain activities of each process group tothe ten knowledge areas as we have seen the matrix some organization developtheir own IT project managementmethodology as we have discussed theidea billet case study provides anexample of using the process groups andshows several important projectdocuments uses in real time scenario wehave gone through the whole process of project case study with respect to itemfor the towing purpose you can proceedfurther with the following link and getyourself and way so that you would alsobe a part of project managementprofessionals in near future and can dothe windows in the industry becausethere is a lot many opportunity in thisparticular domain that I hope you haveenjoyed the session now if you have anykind of queries you can post it in thechat box so that I can reply phase thatisyou have any other query you look at itpost it in the webinar chat ok ma isokay SH show on thanks for yourparticipation then thanks for thanks foryour time then thanks for listening all the cases studies and webinars hope youhave enjoyed the webinar session docomment what do you like in webinarsession whether it meets yourexpectation okay Alex thank you thanksthanks to all for webinar now thank so we lookfurther for it anyway no furtherparticipations wrong you placeoh thank you Thanks.

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