The Benefits of Getting your PMP

A Project Management Professional certificate is opted by all those who want to be project managers and successfully deliver different projects. Having a PMP certification enables a person to implement an evolving set of project management to have better success rates of projects. Many superior managers in almost every industry are raving about the certification. Let us see what the hype is all about. 
What are the benefits?
Many people cannot stop talking about the numerous benefits of getting a PMP certification. These are some of them:
High Value of the credentials:
Once you get the PMP certificate, it automatically sets you apart from the crowd. It means you have the knowledge and aptitude of handling a project right from the start. This will give you an edge over those who don’t and put you ahead of them. The value of the PMP certificate is extremely high.
Better job opportunities:
A PMP certification opens the doors to greater job prospects. In fact, there are many project management opportunities that are awarded only to those with a PMP credential. There is a gap between the need and availability. There are almost 20 percent more job opportunities than the number of certified employees. It is indeed a no-brainer that a PMP certificate will let you explore those chances and you can lead a project and team instead of just looking after one area of the project. You may also make a career switch with ease, with higher pay and better position.  
A Better Pay:
Getting a PMP certificate isn’t easy at all, but once it is in hand better job opportunities are not the only thing that come your way. You can command a better and higher pay just because you have the certificate. This has to be one of the most tempting benefits of getting a PMP certificate. The starting salary of a PMP certified manager averages around $90,000 in a year. It doesn’t end there; it can also give you a 20 percent hike in the salary as compared to the ones who do not have the certificate. The organizations value the credential as much as you and thus reciprocate by letting the certificate holder command a certain salary, and most of the times they are obliged.
Opportunity to Train Others:
A PMP certification allows you to train and groom other team as well. Since you will be equipped with more knowledge and skill sets after the certification process, you can efficiently teach the basic of various tools that are a part of project management. PMP will make you capable of handling a team as well as teaching them. This develops the overall team strengths, increases the productivity and work efficiently. A chance to mentor others is one of the greatest gifts you can get as a manager/professional.
Better Evaluation of the Potential Team:
It is not necessary that every member in the team will possess equal strengths. There will be some disparities and this may affect the performance of the entire team. Some people might have great set of strengths but those may not be suited for a certain project. Therefore, it is important for a project manager to evaluate the skill sets thoroughly before finalizing a potential team for a project. Through PMP, you will learn some important skill-sets which will help you identify the same in others. You can make better teams and deliver better results.  
Direct successful and efficient projects:
With PMP certificate, you will get the confidence of directing successful projects every time. The skills, the knowledge and the set of tools that you learn will help you handle projects better, increase the productivity and overall efficiency of the all the projects. 
Getting a PMP certificate:
You will get invaluable experience when you work on getting the PMP. It will challenge you for the better, presenting greater results, work, pay and a close knit network of connections in return. Since you know the benefits that accompany the coveted credentials, it is time that you seriously consider obtaining one if you already haven’t. 
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Author : Uma Daga

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