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Top 5 Project Management apps for project managers

Top 5 Project Management apps for project managers

A successful project manager is able to manage resources effectively to complete tasks within a given time scale and budget.  He or she needs to be able to track exactly what is happening, when, and by whom.  Project management apps are designed to make life easier and to increase productivity.
Around 25% of people are remote workers and that number is set to rise to more than 60% in the next five years. This means it is more important than ever to have proven project management tools in place, something far more robust than a simple to-do list, to keep track of what all team members are doing.
Project management software makes tracking projects easy, reduces errors and increases the speed with which a project is brought to its successful conclusion. The following are five of the very best apps available today.
Basecamp is the most well-known and popular project management app available today. It’s easy for people in different roles with different responsibilities to communicate and work together and it’s a place to sharing files with the team, group based and individual discussion, involve team on documents, allocate assignment, and track progress. Basecamp stores everything securely and can be accessed at anytime from anywhere.
Basecamp can be used on all platforms, including Windows, iOS, and Android and integrates effortlessly with email.
Download Here
2. Podio
Podio is an online platform that lets users create specific workspaces for specific projects.  These workspaces can be customized and shared with the right people at the right time. It offers comprehensive communications and users can build their own Podio Apps without needing any special skills,
Podio is clear, concise and transparent allowing project managers to manage their teams with the minimum amount of effort.  The app can be set up to work how you work, allowing you to define the structure of your content, reports and overviews, bring in ShareFile content and schedule meetings with proper structured agendas.
Download Here
3. Asana
Most corporate employees send around 105 emails each day, which is an awful lot to keep track of. Asana helps to eliminate some of those emails. A built in sidebar allows users to switch between projects, inboxes and other features on the app. Emails regarding projects assigned through the app are sent to the inbox and users can easily see what’s left to do on any project.
Asana is free web and mobile app designed for teams of less than 15 members and offers management for unlimited projects. 
Download Here
4. Evernote
Evernote has a whole host of apps and add-ons that allow you to combine lists and format documents for a presentation It supports text and multi-media message formats, allowing users to include photos and record voice memos. 
Evernote supports cross platform synchronization meaning changes made to documents on your mobile device will show up instantly on the PC. It is a complete software suite, primarily designed for note-taking and archiving notes, in text, webpage, photographic, voice or handwritten format. Attachments can be added notes sorted into files for easy access and editing.
Evernote works on multiple platforms and offers online backups. The free version is limited to a certain usage allowance each month or you can purchase a subscription for unlimited use.
Download Here
5. Trello
Trello is one of the easiest project management tools to use and is one of the most powerful. It allows users to organize their projects with built-in checklists and task cards, which can be color coded and assigned to specific team members. Documents can be attached to the cards and they can be shared between team members.
At a glance, project managers can see what is being worked on, who is assigned to it and how far the project has got.  Trello allows you to start conversations, add attachments to those conversations, tag specific team members and add notes. It works in conjunction with popular file-sharing apps such as Google Drive, DropBox and OneDrive and you can have an unlimited number of people on the board at any one time.
Download Here


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