Types of People You Meet in Different Projects

A project may need the support of project managers who manage and control it from start to end. These project managers may exhibit unique personality types and management styles. Some of these distinct personalities include the following:

1. The Dictator

A dictator is a stickler for discipline. He or she prefers everything to be in order & executed in a fashion that adheres to their set norms. Such project managers always like to be at the helm of affairs. They stand out for their strong & formidable personalities and bossy attitudes. They also expect their team members to adhere to all the guidelines dictated by them.

2. The Perfectionist

These project managers are quite detail-oriented. They have impeccable organizational and monitoring skills. Perfectionists seek perfection in every endeavour that they assume responsibility of. They want team members to perform the tasks in a precise manner, without leaving any room for rework.

3. The Cautious Type

They always have a "Plan B" to deal with the uncertainties that come with most projects. These personalities like to pay close attention to every aspect of a project.
They keep themselves updated about the latest project-related happenings & issues. They will also go to great lengths to ensure that the project is progressing as per
plan. Defining the roles and responsibilities of each team member is a key priority for them.

4. The Resourceful Type

These managers are high on ownership. They do not mind rolling up their sleeves and getting into action during crisis. They display amazing problem-solving skills.
Such individuals are able to think out-of- the-box and come up with innovative ideas.

5. The Go-Getters

Such project managers do not like to limit themselves to directing the team only. They like to lead from the front and are willing to take over the workload, as long as
it is for the greater good.

6. The Delegator

These individuals show immense faith in their team member’s capabilities. Thus, they are willing to empower them with bigger roles and responsibilities.

7. The Mentor

Mentors exhibit a broad knowledge of various topics and subjects. Hence, they play the role of advisers to the team members. Their rich experience and practical
insights come handy during problems and challenges. They also take genuine interest in building team spirit within the project members. Such managers are able to maintain their calm and composure during trying situations.

8. The Doer / Control Freak

These types of project managers are always concerned about the project’s health. They lack trust in their team’s abilities and like to do things by themselves. This leads to bare minimal involvement of the assigned team members.

Bonus: Watch them all in this video. Please comment in the comment section if you have come across any one of them.




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