Value of PRINCE2 Certification

Being Certified in PRINCE2 is worth demonstrating His/Her Understanding on the Methodology or Framework is useful to those employers who need to their employees work in a Specific work. In Isolation, There is no Security for the role of Project Management. In addition, Employers ask for the Demonstrable Project Management Experience like What type of projects were handled by the Candidate, How did he do and what is the success rate in the particular project.
Other than gaining a certification, Candidate should be able to demonstrate the projects that he managed previously, whether they are small or big. All the variables such as Time, Cost and Quality are considered. To Explain this clearly, a task with a fixed timescale is a project of sorts, regardless of Quantity of work and number of people needed to be involved in the project. Its possible to examine a work done by a person and consider how it might be expressed in terms of Project Management. When the Candidate moves on the next project they might consider applying a structured project management approach to it, both as a technical work and for Demonstrating it later.
Every Project is different and needs different approach in handling Project Circumstances, Team members and Clients.
Taking a PRINCE2 Certification is Similar to Driving lessons. You will never able to drive unless you go to the street. Similarly You can’t lead a project unless you take decisions and undergo stress.
But Finally PRINCE2 is Worthful if you are interested in a Project management. Its worth learning the methods to understand the risks and strengths associated with each and apply the same in any project you manage.

Author : Lisa Findlay

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