Ways to Earn PDUs to Retain Your PMP

Everybody keeps talking about earning PDUs to retain their Project Management Professional certification, commonly known as PMP certification. Since getting a PMP certification requires a lot of hard work, effort and time, it is essential to retain the same. One way to do so is by earning PDUs to maintain one’s credentials, without which the certification may be suspended. 
Read on to know more about the same. 
What is PDU in PMP?
PDUs refer to Professional Development Units and they are essential for maintaining  Project Management Professional certified credentials. One hour of project management training is worth one PDU. There are, of course, some exceptions to this rule. The PMP credential holders may claim their PDUs through PMP’s website. There are various ways to earn PDU, the most common being through PMI PDU online courses. 
Categories of PDUs
PDUs are classified into 7 categories:
Category A
 Any PMP PDU in this category can be earned through courses offered by PMP’s chapters and communities. One can attend PMP events and courses by PMP representatives. If being present in person seems unlikely due to time constraints (or due to work), one can always turn towards the webinars that are offered by PMP
Category B
This covers continuing education. There are courses that are offered by several universities. One should enroll for them and continue the learning process. These do not include the events that are organized by PMI. Any external course counts and being a part of them will earn some PDUs.
Category C
This category includes self directed learning. Earning any PMI PDU includes reading books and watching videos that are related to PMP. This includes other ways that one can learn about PMP on their own, through their own initiative. Listening to podcasts and discussing different topics with one’s project manager are some of the most common ways. One can also get mentored by a coach to learn something new and earn more PDUs. Around 30 PDUs can be earned through this category, which is why one should take further initiative more to keep learning about PMP, even on their own. 
Category D
This includes creating new PM knowledge. It can be done by authoring a PM book or even blogging about the same. This category makes it necessary to share one’s knowledge of PMP with others. Blogging should be done frequently and positive interactions on the blog should be encouraged. One can deliver presentations to various groups and develop different PM courses. These are just some of the methods for creating new knowledge. It is possible to earn 45 PDUs through this category. 
Category E
Volunteer service is a part of this category. One can volunteer for PMI organized events. It’s well advised to get in touch with local chapters and be an active part of them. Providing training to others will definitely help one in earning some worthwhile PDUs. 
Category F
The last category includes working as a professional in the field of Project Management. Being a project manager goes a long way in cementing one’s experience and knowledge in PMP. Though theoretical knowledge takes aspirants till a certain distance, it is the practical route that helps in establishing one’s credibility. So, one has to take an initiative and lead a project. Not only will this give a massive confidence boost, but will also help in retaining PMP certification.
Earn PDU online or follow all or some methods pertaining to the above mentioned categories; so as to ensure that the hard earned PMP certification is retained. It is a continuous process and shouldn’t be discontinued at any point. 
Way Ahead:
It is essential to check upon the number of PDUs from time and time. 60 PDUs are required in a span of three years to retain one’s PMP credentials. One shouldn’t make the mistake of overlooking the importance of earning PDUs. These are the very things that make a PMP certification such a coveted title, hence it is important to retain the same, once it is earned


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