Why project Management Certification Matter?

The value of project management certifications is a hot topic which is discussed among all professionals.The people who are into project management they are in a dilemma whether certifications make better project managers and whether project staffed by certified project managers are more successful than projects without PMPs.
In a survey it is revealed that out of 15 advertisements for project manager’s job posted, out of which 10 prefer project management certification. In which 7 ads says PMP certification is highly desirable, an advantage, a plus, preferred. The 3 are require certification all specify the Project management Institutes PMP credentials
They had a talk with certified and non-certified IT project managers as well as with a person from PMI to know the true value of Project management certifications. What they found is project management certification matter a great deal to some employers, but not always for realistic reasons. They also found that project managers can certainly benefit from certification. It will help them to get good jobs and higher salaries.
Project management professionals (PMP) certification indicates that you have a certain level of knowledge and expertise and that you can work proficiently in a project environment.
Some of project managers who are not certified are worried by the increasing importance of certifications like PMP. When a project manager has a PMP certification it is expected among employers that PMP will complete this project efficiently.
Finally PMP certification is a benchmark or indicator that the professional has the ability to complete project in a smooth manner rather we can say he can handle the project professionally.

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