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7 Deadly Mudas in Lean Six Sigma

7 Deadly Mudas in Lean Six Sigma

This presentation empowers Quality Managers to eliminate waste. The session identifies the "Seven Deadly Mudas" and provides practical methods to eliminate waste. 

Eliminating waste is a process in itself. This webinar will help you identify the seven types of waste and eliminate them. 

Key takeaways from the presentation:

  • The 7 wastes of Lean
  • Mnemonics to remember the 7 wastes
  • What is waste and why remove waste

About The Author

Phyllisia Taylor is CEO & Founder of ICONIC Staff Solutions, Inc. She is an experienced Professional Corporate Trainer with a solid reputation for preparing professionals for certification exams such as the internationally recognized Project Management Professional (PMP), Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt and ITIL certifications. Phyllisia served in the US Army and is an active member of the Project Management Institute. Phyllisia lives in Miami, FL and holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Information Technology from DeVry University, Decatur, GA.

Phyllisia Taylor


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