Can a Six Sigma Certification Get Me a Job?    

Each individual and company wants the same thing, and at all times – growth. While an individual wants to continually expand his knowledge and pave his career path to immeasurable heights; a company strives to expand into different sectors or locations. The desire for growth is the primary reason why many are willing to try out new things that can help them achieve their goals. This in turn has led to the introduction of certification courses/programs that have to be learnt in the process.
A Six Sigma certification is one such essential certification course that is becoming increasingly popular and is seeing a great deal of participation. However, many might wonder if this certification would really help them land a job or bring about improvements in their job prospects. The answer is yes, it does.
Read on to see how.
Leading Towards a Good Job:
The primary area in which a Six Sigma certification can reflect positively on a resume is that it proves one’s ability and willingness to enhance his/ her analytical skills and business acumen. It is not necessary to know everything in a specific field, but the willingness to learn more should always be there. This attitude is echoed through the Six Sigma certification, and its presence greatly helps a candidate’s resume stand out in a pile.
Getting a Six Sigma certification is no mean task. It takes a lot of effort, hard work and time to get one. Globally, companies know this and give preference to the candidates who have invested their time and effort to bring something beneficial to the table. Just the act of having taken the decision to get the certification improves one’s job prospects, automatically.
Practical Application:
The practical applications learnt through this certificate helps candidates run a long race, and emerge as winners at the end of it. People who know Six Sigma have vast knowledge in numerous business areas such as how to reduce costs, increase productivity and revenue, streamline various business processes, and lead a team. In fact, in the contemporary competitive scenario, all employees are expected to learn Six Sigma while working in an organization. If a candidate possesses these qualities before applying for the job, then his chances of getting the nod are heightened manifold. After all, which company would not want an employee who knows crucial business aspects before joining up? It saves them a lot of training time and money that would have been otherwise invested for the same.
Increase in Efficiency:
This certification does not only help in improving business processes and increasing efficiency via the application of various methods, but it also teaches candidates how to identify all kinds of waste in a business -- like defects, wasted talented, inventory issues and overproduction. Anyone with a Six Sigma certification can identify these pinch points to the hilt and also deal with them in the most efficient and result-oriented manner. Therefore, this certification proves to be a big plus for all recruiting companies.
Positive Changes:
Six Sigma training imparts leadership qualities too. If someone has this certification, it indicates that not only does he have the basic knowledge of all Six Sigma’s methodologies but is also capable of leading a team to the extreme. Certified professionals promise to bring about positive changes and act as catalysts for improving the processes and quality of services/products being delivered to all customers. This, in turn, leads to better customer service, greater loyalty, and higher sales. These are certain advantages that all companies want and make them opt for candidates with Six Sigma certification.
Opening of New Doors:
Taking the vital decision of getting Six Sigma certification not only betters one’s job prospects, but also opens the doors to a position in higher management. If professionals are planning to change companies or apply for a higher position in their current work place, then this certification would guarantee better opportunities, higher salary and greater job satisfaction.
Way Forward:
There is no doubt that Six Sigma certification helps one and all in landing a dream job or a higher position with ease. The difficult part is getting the certification, which can be attained by putting the right efforts in place.
Good luck! 


Author : Uma Daga

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