Why should you take Salesforce Certified Administrator Certification?

Here are some facts to begin with in terms of what the salesforce market looks like currently with respect to job availability. We saw a 38% jump in the salesforce job positions from 2020 to 2021. The Salesforce community is all set to generate about 3.3 million Salesforce-specific jobs in the market by the end of 2022. It has been predicted that a deployment rate of about 80%-85% in SaaS CRM solutions will be achieved by the year 2025. Over 100,000 top-notch companies from across the world use Salesforce as a platform to store their customer records. On average, a candidate with Salesforce certification has a chance to draw about 30% higher salary than those without the certification.

So what is Salesforce then and why has it become such an integral part of running an organization? Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that allows every team of the organization to have a shared view of their customer database on a single platform. So essentially, this means that a Salesforce platform acts as a bridge between the business requirements and technology. It generates reports, dashboards, and trains users to feed data on their customers appropriately which will automate complex business processes. Therefore, the team can really stay on top of its game and work efficiently by accessing that information on the Salesforce platform and do better at their jobs.

So, this innovative breakthrough that enabled organizations to collate all the customer-centric data on a single platform helped them with ease of doing business and with more efficiency as well. One can now understand why the demand for these jobs is so high in the market. To either start a career in this field or upskill from whichever stage you currently are, Salesforce Certifications have become a way through which you can have that extensive leap forward in your career.

Especially, with the Salesforce Certified Administrator - A Certification course for beginners in this field. This will land you an administrator's role in an organization. A significant experience in such roles will then pave your way towards the developer's role. As an admin, you will be the bridge between the tech team and the business development team where you will make each other understand the implications of using this tool. You will be able to customize the application based on the business requirement. You will be able to train the users on how and where to store the data and how to toggle through the reports to understand any gap in the process if any. In short, the administrator's role here is the first step while starting a career in this field. And if you're a fresher or/and are looking to explore a career in this field then you might want to take up this course so that you can have an advantage over the other non-certified candidates at a recruitment panel.

What are the advantages of taking up this course?

Marks recruiter's checklist

If you're a fresher you might wonder what can you show the recruiters so that they choose you over the other candidates. How can you present yourself in a way that the recruiters see what you bring to the table so that they get into a selective mode rather than the rejecting mode in which they usually are especially when its a mass recruitment drive which is mostly the case for freshers recruitment apart from the campus drives that takes place in the institutions. In most cases, it is seen that the first five minutes of an interview already determine if you're getting the offer or not. In such a restrictive environment it makes the recruiter's job fairly easy if they spot a Salesforce Certification on your resume as that certification stamp undoubtedly marks one of the criteria in the checklist for selection which they carry while starting the interview. Additionally, tailoring your resume to be compatible with the company's applicant tracking system can also significantly increase your chances of being noticed among the pool of applicants.

High package

Such high on-demand roles in the Salesforce ecosystem can get you fairly impressive salaries on certification which is almost 30% higher than those without the certification. In real-time, many factors go hand in hand once you are stamped as Salesforce-certified, like more responsibilities, more credibility among the others in the team, decision-making authority, major involvement, etc. which ultimately leads to a high pay scale. Further, there is no doubt about growth. More years of experience in the field will yield more money, perks, promotions, and opportunities because such is the promise that the field is making currently as it is slowly walking into the future.

Download the latest knowledge

Coming from the Salesforce community directly, this certification course will help you to stay up-to-date with all the knowledge in the CRM field which will include all the latest developments in every module through different businesses. The new features that just got added to a module will be served hot on your plate first for you to be able to taste it. You will be the first to get notified with any latest update in the tool and hence your baseline will always be a step higher than those with other CRM certifications as Salesforce is the industry leader in the market and has the highest credibility when it comes to the CRM application.

So, now that you are aware of the whereabouts of the market with all the numbers and progresses in your hand and also about the kind of demand for Salesforce jobs, why the delay in making that important decision towards availing the course for yourself? If you're looking for an impressionable kick start to your career or a steep upgrade in your career in this field but are struggling with time management due to tight work schedules, then we at GreyCampus offer an online Salesforce Certified Administrator certification course that will help you access it at your own convenience. The details of the course are available on our website https://www.greycampus.com/.

What are you waiting for? Go for it!

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