Why should you take up SAP courses?

70% of businesses that are listed in Forbes 500 run on SAP implementation. Employees who are SAP certified are promoted; paid approximately 30% more than the ones who aren't certified. 90% chance to get easily noticed based on an SAP certification to either get promoted in the current company or to get a new job. So why is SAP so important? Let us look in detail.

Systems Applications and Products or SAP is an ERP solution that connects the different utilitarian platforms of a business like Application Programming, Production Planning, Sales and Distribution, Financial Accounting & Controlling, Material Management, Warehouse Management and Logistics, Administrative Procedures etc. into one intelligent suite to optimize the resources, work efficiently and record the flow of actions from one stage of the business to the other. It makes the system smarter and helps to gather, maintain, store and interpret data from the different modules of the company and therefore also tracks the performance of the business over a period of time.

Today, employees from across industries avail these courses, as SAP certification courses are available for different modules of a business. Starting from the Manufacturing to Financial solutions provider, IT consultancies to E-commerce, SAP implementation has become a key solution provider for all kinds of businesses.

Now, SAP implementation requires a lot of expert knowledge and experience as it is a complex process and many unknown factors might pop up in the course of implementation. So expert knowledge and guidance about handling the unknown largely helps an individual seeking an elevated career in this field. This guidance can be leveraged from the different types of SAP certifications that are available in the market in order for one to be able to climb up the career ladder. With more SAP opportunities in most of the organizations today, regional or global, more and more corporate professionals are inclining towards taking up these certifications in their respective fields.


So, why these certifications?

High-grade Job:

A highly ambitious professional's way up the career ladder in one’s field is by availing the SAP certification courses available in the market because through these courses one can land oneself a high-grade job. So, if you're looking out for a highly skilled job in your career then a professional certification provider is your next go-to place. An SAP-certified individual is highly recognizable and is easily noticed among the herd. SAP certification is recognized on a global level today and can bring an extensive leap in one's career if one chooses to invest time, energy, and resources in it.

Get promoted easily

A candidate comes under that 'whom to promote' scanner easily when one is SAP-certified in one's respective domain. As mentioned earlier he/she will get easily recognized among the most other non-certified employees, therefore, making him/her a more suitable candidate that could be considered for a promotion. Promotion will bring in high-level responsibilities and the employee will be in an authoritative position to take those real-time decisions when that time comes. Being a critical problem solver will make him/her noticeable for the contribution towards work which will then lead to more success.

Jump in salary

An SAP-certified professional will always be able to distinguish one's skills from those that aren't certified and as a result, will always have an advantage on the pay scale over the others when that discussion arises among their managers or recruiters. While there are multiple factors that drive the pay scale like the years of experience, the educational background, handling of critical projects, and degrees of criticality handled, SAP certification is sure to grab eyes when they look at the candidates' profile and is oftentimes used as a criterion to award the particular candidate for having the certification done.


We have enough data from research that shows that when the time comes to take that important decision about a critical turning point or a path in a particular project, people with SAP certification gets instant validation from their managers as well as their entire team because there is a certain level of trust that comes with that SAP certification mark on their profile. Their knowledge at this point is considered to be one that of excellence and hence their opinion is always backed by their managers. They always have a say in the major discussions and decisions of the projects that they are a part of.


Last but not the least, like every factor mentioned above is interconnected or is more like one factor leads to the other, getting a good reputation is also one that comes in the package. This reflects on the eye-catchy designation that one is offered after receiving an 'SAP certified' stamp on the profile which will then automatically fetch him/her the honor and respect from co-workers, employers, and clients. This influential accreditation against the name will surely leave strong impressions in the minds of the employers or the recruiters.


So, keeping all the practical and psychological needs of the professionals in mind, for them to have fulfillment in their jobs, GreyCampus offers its line of products that will enable the professionals to take up these courses to have a fast-track career growth that will boost their confidence for their next big leap in their careers.

So, if you're looking for a steep upgrade in your career by enrolling for these certifications but are struggling with time management due to tight work schedules, then these online courses that we provide here might just come in handy to you as you can access them at your own convenient time and place. Our SAP suite of products has different courses like SAP ABAP, FICO, HCM, WM, EWM, PLM, PM, MM, and Sales & Distribution Training, the complete portfolio of which is available in All courses tab of our website.

So make that important career move today and have a great career ahead!

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