New Inclusions For Word, Excel and Outlook in Microsoft Office 2016

The information and technology giant Microsoft has made an announcement that it has rolled the new features for Microsoft Office 2016. According to the company these new features that are embedded in the new inclusion will help users to work with more ease. Listed below are some of the features that this technology giant has up its sleeve for its Microsoft Office 2016. Lets delve into the features, that this new suite includes



This feature allows two different users work on same document irrespective of devices they are using. This will be very useful when many people are working on the same document, which reduces the labor, cost, and time. The best thing about this feature is that it increases the efficiency of the users and also eliminates duplicate work.


Tell Me

This is a new tool for Word and Excel, that lets users to quickly search for the functions. This tool is pretty impressive because in the earlier versions users have to spend a lot of time searching for a functionality, this tool will save their time and speed up their work. Apart from that this tool also provides additional resources that can be useful to the user.


Sharing has been simplified

The technology giant has made sharing documents very simple and easy. The user of the document can share it to people they want to by simply clicking the Share button that is available on the ribbon. This feature also tells the user, who has the access to the document, if anyone is working on the document at present, and also provides the user with an authority to change permission rights, if the user is the owner of the document.


Forecasting Trends

In Excel you have to checkout the new feature called One-Click Forecasting. On clicking this button, Excel creates a forecast chart based on the content or historical data available on the sheet and predicts the trends in the future. This new feature will be useful to project managers or people who are in marketing field, as it gives an idea to them basing on the historical data. This new feature makes use of industrial standard called Exponential Smoothing.


Improvised tracking mechanism

This feature allows users to keep a track or refer to the earlier snapshots or or drafts of documents during editing or updating process.


Includes new chart types

The new chart types helps users in presenting monetary, analysis, or any kind of data, in a better manner.


New Office Themes

The IT giant has developed new themes for their new offices suite. The users can pick themes suiting their tastes and preferences.


OneDrive Integration

The user can access their documents from any-point and through all devices. They can do this by saving their documents on OneDrive, this works on cloud computing mechanism.


Improvised Lookup Tool

This feature helps users in fact-checking their documents with Smart Lookup that has been synchronized Bing search engine tool. All user has to do is simply highlight terms in their document and use this feature and Bing does the rest.


Cross-Platform and Cross-Device Independence

This feature allows users to switch from one device to another in hassle-free manner. This new feature provides the users the leisure of editing their Office documents Windows, Android, and Macintosh powered devices. This feature also allows them to perform different activities like review, edit, and analyze. This feature also ensures that there is a uniformity in the look across all devices and platforms.


Better Together with Windows 10

This new features go well with the new Windows 10 operating system. This new features are compatible with any Windows platform whether desktop or mobile. Which means that you can even work efficiently while you are on the go.

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