Quick Start Guide To Attend GreyCampus Live Online Session Using ZOOM

Zoom is used to conduct Live Online sessions at GreyCampus. Please follow the steps listed below and get connected to GreyCampus Live Online session.

Step 1:

Prior to the training session, you will receive an invitation via email from GreyCampus support team. Open the invitation email and click on the accept link. Please do this at least 15 minutes before the time at which the session is scheduled to begin, in order to avoid any technical delays.

Step 2:

On the page that you’ll be redirected to download and run Zoom.

Step 3:

On the next screen, test your microphone and speakers to ensure everything works fine.

Step 4:

Join the conference.

Step 5:

Unmute yourself in the beginning so that the host doesn’t face any probable disturbance from your end. The host will unmute you once the session begins.

Step 6:

On the session screen, you have certain details about the meeting like the meeting topic, host, etc. On this screen, you also have various options like screen sharing, chat, etc.

Step 7:

While sending a message through chat, you can choose to send the message to either everyone or just the host. You also have an option of raising your hand to let the presenter know that you have a query and he will address it whenever it’s possible.

Step 8:

You can leave the meeting whenever you want. To do so, click on “Leave Meeting”. When you leave the meeting, the meeting ends just for you but when the host ends the meeting, it ends for everyone.

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