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Executing Applications

Intruder executes malicious applications after gaining administrative privileges so they can run malicious programs remotely, to capture all sensitive data, crack passwords, capture screenshots or to install a backdoor.

Tool: RemoteExec, PDQ Deploy, DameWare NT Utilities


keystroke loggers are programs or hardware devices that monitor each keystroke a user types on a keyboard, logs onto a file, or transmits them to a remote location.

keyloggers are placed between the keyboard hardware and the OS

A key logger can

  • Record each keystroke

  • capture screenshots at regular intervals of time showing user activity such as when he or she types a character or click a mouse button

  • Track the activities of users by logging window titles, names of launched applications and other information

  • monitor online activity of users by recording addresses of the websites that they are have visited and with the keywords entered by them

  • record all the login names, bank and credit card numbers and passwords including hidden passwords or data that are in asterisk or blank spaces

  • record online chat conversion

Types of Keylogger

  • Hardware Keylogger

  • Software Keylogger


Spyware is stealthy computer monitoring software that allows you to secretly record all activities of a computer user.

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