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IOS uses proprietary software. The attacks on these phones are limited since they are not open source systems.

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Types of IOS Attacks:


Jailbreaking may put the device at risk. It is done to gain administrative privileges and to download third-party application extensions, etc. Though, the device may lose its warranty, get infected with malware, drop in performance, etc. There are three ways jailbreaking can be done-


After a device is jailbroken, it will no longer have a patched kernel; it might go to a partially functioning state and requires re-jailbreaking using the same computer.


When the device is turned off and on, it will no longer be jailbroken. The device can be used for normal functions.


The device once jailbroken remains jailbroken, and the kernel will be patched completely after reboot.


  • Do not jailbreak the device.

  • Apply strong encryption.

  • Always connect to safe networks.

  • Follow common security guidelines.

  • Do not open links/attachments from unknown sources.

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