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Mobile Device Management

In the era of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy where employees are allowed to use their personal devices on the corporate network, there are a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages.


Corporates can reduce their infrastructure costs.

Can increase the efficiency of work.

There persist disadvantages,

  • The personal data getting mixed with corporate data.

  • If compromised devices are connected to corporate networks, that may compromise the corporate networks too.

  • Corporates cannot monitor all the downloads the employees are making.

  • Data leakage

  • The problem of stolen devices.

  • Disgruntled employees can cause greater damage.

  • There is always the risk of information theft, fraud, espionage, etc.

MDM software is management software, which monitors the BYOD devices. They have many security policies which the devices should agree to. These MDM’s will monitor and report any kind of malicious activity from BYOD
devices on the corporate network. It also helps the administrators in deploying and maintaining various applications on all devices. MDM software helps the administrators in enforcing various policies to enable business
continuity, security, configuration over the air, distribution of software, etc.

An administrator has to:

  • Come up with strong security policies.

  • Use complex password policies. 

  • Install Updates to Antivirus software.

  • Publish enterprise policy for the cloud.

  • Specify session timeout through the gateway.

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