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Career Opportunities

Benefits of using Minitab:

  • It is User friendly

  • It is very Economical

Eligibility Criteria :

There are no eligibility criteria to take up the Minitab course

Top Job Titles Available for Professionals familiar with Minitab:

1. Senior Specialist-business Optimization

2. Sales Management Advisor - Italian Language

3. Quality Manager

4. Pharma Quality Associate

5. Project Development Engineer

6. Sales Management Advisor - French Language

7. Program Manager

8. Data Analyst

9. Design Engineer

10. Process Improvement Manager

11. Quality Assurance Specialist

12. Continuous improvement engineer

13. Senior Automotive Engineer

14. Manufacturing Engineer

15. Power Supply Quality Analyst

Note: The maximum Salary for Minitab Professionals would be approximately $140k annually

Companies hiring for Lean Six Sigma Certified Professionals:


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