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Introduction on Closing a project process in PRINCE2

The purpose closing a project process

The purpose of the closing a project process is to provide a static point at which acceptance for the project product is confirmed and to recognize that objectives set out in the original project initiation documentation have been achieved (Or approve changes to the objectives have been achieved) or that the project has nothing more to contribute. The project board found that directing a project process will produce a premature close trigger. In that case we will prepare a premature closure will hand over the raw products but in either case, we will evaluate the project recommend project closure and gain trigger a closure recommendation.

Objectives of closing a project:

The objectives of the closing a project process are:

  • To verify user acceptance of the project's products

  • To ensure that the host site is able to support products when the project is disbanded

  • To review the performance of the project against its baselines

  • To assess any benefits that have already been realized

  • To update the forecast of the remaining benefits and plan for a review of those unrealized benefits

The cost of the project may be high, level course of five years those costs may be recovered. It is important to recognize that the realization of benefits in the longer term is outside the scope of the project itself because the project will be disbanded at its end. Also, ensure that provision has been made to address all open issues and risks, with follow-on action recommendations. The benefits may not be realized for some time, there may remain open issues and risks which also need to be dealt with in the fullness and time and the follow on action recommendations related to these need to be properly documented and they need to be owned by someone. One of the defining features of a PRINCE2 project is that it is finite-it has a start and an end.

A clear end to a project is always more successful in the slow drift into use as it is a recognition that the original objectives have been met (subject to any approve changes). The current project has run its course. Either the operational regime must now take over the products from this project or the products become inputs into some subsequent project or into some larger programmer. The project management team can be disbanded.

Project costs should no longer being incurred. The clear end to the project also provides an opportunity to ensure that all una chieved goals and objectives are identified so that they can be addressed in the future and a clear end transfers ownership of the products to the customer and terminates the responsibility of the project management team.

Context of Closing a Project Process:

Closure activities should be planned as part of the stage plan for the final management stage. It is also possible that the project board may wish to trigger a premature closure of project under some circumstances (for example if the business case is no longer valid). A number of actions specific to the project's products may be required and these should be documented and planned for as follow-on action recommendations.

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