Six Sigma White Belt

Methodologies of Six Sigma

Six sigma consists of two methodologies: DMAIC and DMADV.  

DMAIC. This method used to improve existing business processes.

The letters stand for:

● Define ‐ it defines the problem and the project goals

● Measure ‐ It measure the various aspects of Current process

● Analyze ‐ It analyse the data to find the root defects in a process

● Improve ‐ It helps to improve the process

● Control‐ It controls how the process to be done in future



DMADV ‐ This method is typically used to create new processes and new products or services. 

● Define ‐ To define the project goals

● Measure ‐ To measure the process critical components and the product capabilities

● Analyse ‐ Analyze the data and develop various designs for the process, eventually picking the best one

● Design ‐ To design and test the process details

● Verify ‐ Verifying the design by running simulations and a pilot program, and then handing over the process to the client



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