5 Career Opportunities to Land With Scrum Master Bootcamp Training

Agile and Scrum are prevailing in the business landscape and Scrum is one of the most extensively agile frameworks for manufacturing, delivering, and sustaining high-quality products. The demand for Scrum professionals is at its peak and getting certification for the Scrum framework can be your ticket to excel in the economy in 2021. 

The real battle begins once you earn a Scrum Master certification because it is time to get your first entry level Scrum master job. The Scrum Master training will help you advance your career on the right path. If you are wondering how to become a Scrum master, keep reading. We will cover the most lucrative career opportunities you can come across with the Scrum master bootcamp. Before going into the details of this master career path, let’s revise the fundamentals first. 

How Would You Define a Scrum Master?

A Scrum Master is an integral part of an Agile team and acts as a facilitator or coach between the development team and the product owner. The roles and responsibilities of a Scrum Master involve ensuring that everyone working on the product is on the same page.

Scrum master training is critical to learning how to monitor that everyone on the team is following and operating the Scrum framework. The Scrum master career path comprises coordinating with the product owner regularly for conveying the progress of daily development tasks.

Scrum Definition

Source: HackerNoon

If you are intrigued about how to be a Scrum Master, you must first learn to switch between leadership and administrative roles to manage and streamline the entire development process. The Scrum Master career path requires you to make coordination easier between the stakeholders, product owner, developers, and managers. 

However, learning so much on your own is a daunting task. That’s where a relevant Scrum Master certification comes into the picture. Let’s learn more about it. 

What’s the Importance of a Scrum Master Certification?

The dominance of Agile in software development has increased the demand for Scrum professionals because they are experts in Agile project management.

Getting Scrum Master certification in 2021 can boost your confidence in implementing the Scrum methodologies. At the same time, employers and organizations who are searching for Scrum professionals would prefer you because the certification validates your knowledge of the framework and methodologies. 

Benefits of Scrum Certification

Earning a Scrum master certification help individuals to self-organize and achieve the following objectives:

  • Build, mentor, and handle a team by maintaining a harmonious team environment which is beneficial for an organization’s growth.
  • Apply expertise and values so internal or external distractions don’t affect you.
  • Self-motivate to accelerate the overall team’s performance.
  • Gain access to a separate profile page on Scrum Alliance to list your achievements with a customized logo.

Look at the benefits of Scrum Master training, and it’s evident that Scrum expertise is now crucial if you want to advance your career in the Agile setup. Now, that you know the basics, let’s look at the job market for Scrum masters. 

The Job Industry Overview and Salary Range for Scrum Professionals 

Becoming a Certified Scrum Master in 2021 opens the doors for a wide range of jobs. The World Economic Forum predicts that three of nine engineering roles in the product development niche will depend on Scrum. 

Scrum Job Roles

Source: World Economic Forum

A Scrum certification can earn you an annual salary of up to $116,659. Numerous companies across the globe, in every industry vertical, have vacancies for Scrum Master positions. They range from multinational corporations, small and medium-sized industries to startups. 

Scrum Industry Overview

Source: GreyCampus

Knowing about the Scrum Master career path is great but how do you figure out which career opportunities are the best to pursue after getting a Scrum Master certification? 

5 Career Opportunities to Land With Scrum Master Bootcamp

The role of a Scrum Master entails an advanced level of responsibility and many Scrum professionals are satisfied with their progress graph and current profiles. On the other hand, there are ambitious Scrum Masters who want to develop additional skills, learn new concepts, and are on the constant hunt for new roles and avenues. Here are the five best Scrum Master positions for your reference. You can get training in certifications to earn hands-on industry experience. 

1. Agile Coach

An Agile coach is an executive-level coach who has expertise in mentoring the development team at a more advanced level than a Scrum Master. These individuals have a holistic understanding of Scrum fundamentals, principles, and framework.

After gaining a Scrum Master certification, becoming an Agile coach is an industry trend nowadays. Scrum Masters who develop expertise in managing complex Agile projects can go for this role. The Agile certified practitioner’s job entails implementing Agile and Scrum frameworks across the company. 

Agile Coach Salary

Source: Glassdoor

The crucial responsibilities of an Agile coach are to create and optimize processes within an organization and encourage everyone to stick to Agile principles. The average annual salary of an Agile coach is approximately $97,000 annually. 

If you want to explore the Agile coach career path, you must enhance your Scrum skills by enrolling in an online bootcamp.

Additionally, if you have experience working in all three Scrum roles (Scrum master, product owner, and development team member), it could help you kickstart your Agile coach journey.

2. Product Owner

If you are a member of a Scrum team who is interested more in what the team is building rather than creating a product, you are the ideal candidate for becoming an efficient product owner.

A product owner is another great role a Scrum Master can pursue, but it’s not a separate career path; it’s a transition within the team. As a product owner, you will help the team in building a better product that meets the users’ specific requirements. 

Salary of Product Owner

Source:  Indeed

You must make important organizational decisions such as managing the budget, planning the product release, and timelines. The annual average salary for product owners in the U.S. is $109,000.

The best way to become a product owner is to earn a useful certification that will help you understand the role clearly. It will help you build the expertise to respond to complex situations while working in a real Agile setup.

3. Management Roles

Many people confuse the role of a Scrum Master and a product manager, but these two are quite different from each other. But a few Scrum masters find it extremely interesting to function closely with the development team and provide them with seamless guidance.

Once you gain some experience as a Scrum Master, it becomes easier for you to guide the team, which is why management roles can be a great alternative for professionals who have extensive experience in team management.

4. Mentor

A successful Scrum master can transition to the role of a mentor, which means he will guide other Scrum 

Masters. In organizations having multiple Scrum Masters, this role includes supporting the team and sharing knowledge with them.

You already know the key role of a Scrum Master is to help the team leverage the Scrum principles effectively. Adding to that, a Scrum Master working as a mentor helps the team become organized and self-sufficient.

5. Manager

The presence of an effective manager is crucial for the success of Scrum projects. If the manager worked as a Scrum Master in the past, they can understand the pain points of the team clearly and guide them in the best possible manner. If you choose a managerial role, your responsibilities will increase because you need to encourage the entire team to work toward achieving a specific goal.

The Scrum Master career path has numerous options for freshers and experienced professionals to choose from. Each of these Scrum Master positions provides great opportunities to upskill and build your best career path. 

A bootcamp for your Scrum Master training can improve the chances of finding a job in the competitive job market. 

Why Consider a Bootcamp for Your Scrum Master Training?

Participating in a bootcamp for your Scrum Master training proves you have the potential that organizations look for while hiring Scrum Masters. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a bootcamp for your Scrum Master training

1. Instructor-led Training

GreyCampus’ intensive instructor-led training is the best part of the Scrum Master certification training bootcamp. You get regular guidance from Scrum experts and industry professionals.

The training matches the market standards and employer requirements that open the doors for the best Scrum jobs.

2. Scrum Alliance Membership

A complimentary Scrum Alliance membership is the cherry on the cake for attending the Scrum Master certification training bootcamp. With this membership, you can work as a Scrum volunteer and attend Scrum gatherings at a discount. It opens doors for networking among global Scrum masters, who could be your mentors or help you get that dream job. 

Benefits of Scrum Membership

Source: GreyCampus

3. 24/7 Support

You will get 24/7 learner support by enrolling in the Scrum master certification training bootcamp, so you can get your queries resolved immediately. 

Seamless support from experts and veterans boosts the morale of the learners and helps them to understand Scrum properly to avoid committing common Scrum mistakes when they start working.

4. Two Attempts to Take the Test

You get two attempts to pass the CSM online examination, which isn’t tough. Based on CSM objectives, there are 50 multiple choice questions, and you need to answer 37 correctly within 60 minutes to pass the exam.

5. Access to PMI-ACP courseware

Project Management Institute offers the PMI-ACP, the Agile Certified Practitioner certification. By attending a Scrum Master Certification training bootcamp, you can get one-year access to PMI-ACP courseware that makes you an expert on Agile projects and addressing organizational needs.

Final Word 

Scrum Masters have various career opportunities offering lucrative perks and excellent professional growth. Joining a Scrum Master bootcamp opens the door for you to build a career that is only growing in demand. Choosing the best Scrum career path is crucial to your professional success, and knowing your options is a great way to start. 

GreyCampus is one of the top-most providers of Agile Scrum Master Certification training. Enrolling in GreyCampus Scrum training helps you gain a holistic understanding of Scrum fundamentals and acquire expertise in Scrum selling techniques and handling stakeholders for advancing your Scrum career in 2021. 

Want To Build a Successful Career in Scrum? Consider Signing Up for a Bootcamp Today!

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