7 Reasons You Need a Bootcamp for Scrum Master (CSM®) Training

Scrum is one of the most popular and lightweight agile frameworks for creating, delivering, and sustaining complex products of the highest value. It helps companies and their teams to generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems and encourages them to consistently improve by evaluating their wins and losses.

What Is a Scrum Master?

A scrum master might sound like a character out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s actually a crucial leadership role responsible for managing the entire scrum process and making it easy to adopt for the organization, team, and product owner.

As far as the scrum master’s roles and responsibilities are concerned, they are akin to a mentor or guide for the entire team. Their role is to ensure all the team members adhere to the scrum practices and values. To be precise, a scrum master streamlines scrum development by taking on coaching, administrative, and leadership roles.

Scrum Master Tasks

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More than just a manager, a scrum master is a facilitator, leveraging agile techniques such as V-model, waterfall model, and iterative model to guide the team and resolve issues with the product owners.

Becoming a professional scrum master isn’t easy. However, attending a certified scrum master training (CSM) is the best way to become an exceptional scrum master. Scrum Alliance offers a designation called Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) that validates individuals’ expertise and skills in scrum methodologies and principles.

Scrum master certification training boosts your confidence in your ability to implement the best scrum principles effectively and facilitate innovation and productivity across various departments in organizations.

One of the most crucial reasons that scrum master certification is lucrative for your career is that it opens doors for a wide variety of jobs where you could potentially earn an annual salary of up to $116,659.

Scrum job industry overview

Along with an attractive scrum master salary, certified scrum master training helps you get noticed by companies who are looking to employ scrum masters. A quick LinkedIn search shows the companies looking for a scrum master include MNCs like IBM, Capgemini, Tata Consultancy, Honeywell, Accenture, and many more. The demand for scrum masters is at its peak, and the expected job growth rate is phenomenal. 

Likewise, if you have a CSM® certification, you may qualify for a broad variety of scrum master jobs, like Agile Scrum Master, Project Manager, Agile Coach, Delivery Lead, Scrum Master, Project Lead, or Automation Engineer. Now you know that attending a certified scrum master training (CSM) is crucial if you want to propel your career in the agile-driven IT environment. But do you know the best way to pursue CSM training? Answer: Scrum Master (CSM®) certification training boot camp. So, let’s deep dive into the importance of the Scrum Master (CSM®) certification training boot camp. 

What’s a Scrum Master (CSM®) Certification Training Bootcamp, and Why is it Important?

Scrum Master (CSM®) certification training boot camp is an intense program that offers comprehensive training to individuals regarding scrum methodologies and seamless implementation. It allows you to gain a complete understanding of the scrum framework and expand your job prospects across various industries that are embracing agile practices. 

Whether you are a member of a scrum team, managing a scrum team, or even if your team is transitioning to the Scrum framework, the Scrum Master® certification training boot camp course is a perfect fit. It gives you hands-on training in agile project management, along with scrum principles. Also, if you are looking to pursue a career as a professional scrum master, attending this boot camp will benefit you.

Additionally, there are no prerequisites to pursue the Scrum Master (CSM®) certification training boot camp, so any professional who is interested in pursuing a career in agile management can complete this course. 

7 Key Reasons to Choose a Bootcamp for Your Scrum Master Certification Training

Scrum offers agile product development approaches that facilitate iterative and incremental frameworks for projects. The Scrum Master certification training boot camp helps you become an expert of scrum values, practices, and principles so you can gain a holistic understanding of scrum artifacts, team roles, and events.

Now, let’s explore the seven crucial reasons why attending a boot camp for your scrum master certification training is important for becoming a certified scrum master in 2021.

1. Intensive Instructor-led Training

The best aspect of pursuing the scrum master certification training boot camp is that you get extensive instructor-led training from scrum masters and industry experts. The training session lets you connect with highly qualified and experienced agile professionals who cover even the most challenging topics of the scrum framework.

The instructor-led scrum training is designed specifically to align with market standards and employer requirements. Training sessions include demonstrations and interactive lectures focused on helping you develop the Scrum framework and agile project management skills.

Additionally, you can collaborate with instructors during the training sessions who will encourage you. You’ll gain a better understanding of the scrum principles and best practices. Strong knowledge of Scrum fundamentals will help you crack interviews for any scrum master role. 

2. Experiential Learning with Case studies

What could be better than taking inspiration from industry case studies while learning the scrum methodologies? By attending the Scrum Master certification training bootcamp, you can deep dive into experiential learning and explore some of the best scrum case studies across various industries.

You can implement ideas from these case studies while working in a practical environment. Also, you gain knowledge about what does and doesn’t work with scrum in the real world.

3. Access to Scrum Education Units (SEUs) and PMI PDUs

By attending the Scrum Master certification training boot camp, you can earn Scrum Education Units (SEUs) and PMI PDUs (professional units). Earning SEUs allows you to participate in esteemed events such as Non-Scrum Alliance-Sponsored Events, Scrum Alliance Global Gatherings, and Scrum Alliance Regional Gatherings.

By earning SEUs, you can take part in all user group activities and events. You will even have the opportunity to work with Scrum Alliance REPs, CESs, CTSs, and CSTs through various independent learning activities.

Along with SEUs, the Scrum Master certification training boot camp gives you a chance to earn professional units or PMI PDUs. These are educational hours that can be submitted to renowned organizations such as Project Management Institute and ISACA.

4. Multiple Attempts to Take the CSM Exam

By attending the Scrum Master certification training boot camp, you are allowed multiple attempts to take the CSM examination. The CSM online test, conducted by Scrum Alliance, is not difficult, as all the material is covered in the boot camp.

The hour-long online test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions based on CSM objectives, and you need to correctly answer 37 out of 50 to pass the test. There’s no option to pause the online test, but you can bookmark the questions that you want to answer later.

CSM Exam can be taken in multiple attempts

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The passing score is 74%, and once you pass the CSM exam, the next step is to submit a license agreement to the Scrum Alliance for approval, as well as complete the membership profile.

5. 24/7 Learner Support

The most beneficial part of the Scrum Master certification training boot camp is that the individuals get access to 24/7 Learner Support. Any questions will be answered immediately. With the help of tutors, you will gain a better understanding of scrum fundamentals so that you can avoid common scrum mistakes once you enter the workplace. Live support helps boost your morale. 

If you have any questions, day or night, all you just need to do is contact the Scrum Master certification training boot camp support team for an answer. Having this kind of support will keep you feeling confident and motivated to complete the training.

Scrum experts are available 7 days a week to support you and answer any questions you have about any topic. That helps you prepare for your scrum certification examination without any anxiety. 

6. Access to PMI-ACP Courseware

An ACP is Agile Certified Practitioner, and the certification is offered by Project Management Institute—hence the name, PMI-ACP. This certification is well recognized because it combines learning the basics of agile tools with gaining experience through work on agile projects. 

Scrum Master certification training boot camp gives you 1-year access to PMI-ACP coursework to better understand how certified agile practitioners undertake projects in an organization. This will allow you to address the agile and scrum needs of businesses effectively. 

7. Scrum Alliance Membership

Attending a Scrum Master certification training boot camp includes one of the biggest perks of all—a complimentary Scrum Alliance Membership. The Scrum Alliance membership provides an extra boost to your agile professional journey.

Benefits of Scrum Alliance Membership

The crucial perks of having a Scrum Alliance Membership are:

  • Work as a scrum volunteer
  • Have the golden opportunity to join a user group
  • Snag your dream job or post one with AgileCareers
  • Get attractive discounts for global and local scrum gatherings

By becoming a member of Scrum Alliance, you can connect with other scrum masters within the community to get expert advice and share your knowledge with like-minded people. It will put you on the right professional track by providing access to a wide range of jobs and volunteer opportunities.

The Final Say

GreyCampus is a leading provider of the Scrum Master certification training boot camp. The sole focus is to offer learners an advanced understanding of scrum processes and methodologies along with the knowledge to implement them.

As well as covering agile fundamentals and scrum values, the GreyCampus scrum master course provides instruction in managing stakeholders and scrum selling techniques. Also, it contains user stories, themes, and epics to make the course more engaging for learners.

Once you finish the GreyCampus Agile Scrum Master certification boot camp, you will be able to create a product vision for your organization. So, why wait? Make the best decision of your professional life by registering for this boot camp!


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