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7 reasons to use Project Management for Cyber Security

7 reasons to use Project Management for Cyber Security

Cybersecurity projects highly require to deal with risks during the entire process. Hence this webinar addresses the seven reasons why project management is a must in Cybersecurity.

In a more interconnected world, people need their data protected. What does project management have to do with cybersecurity? Plenty. Cybersecurity uses risk management every day towards catching the bad guys.

Key takeaways from the presentation:
  • Plan risk management
  • Identify risks
  • Perform a qualitative risk analysis
  • Perform a quantitative risk analysis
  • Plan risk responses
  • Implement risk responses
  • Monitor risks

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About The Author

Carla R Jenkins possesses over 13 years of experience helping private and public sector businesses increase their profits and productivity while decreasing their costs. These businesses have benefitted from her strategic leadership, cost calculations, and streamlining their time, money and people towards greater project success. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Carla spent 12 years in Washington, DC, earned her BA in International Economics and Master of Business Administration. She is also a Certified Project Manager with Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and ITIL 3 and 4 licenses. Carla is also the hostess of Projectized, project management Livestream show.

Carla Jenkins


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