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Organizations are striving hard to increase their market share in the global market, and as part of this process, they are leaving no stone unturned to increase their client base and retaining their existing customers. To achieve this objective, companies are hiring best manpower available in the industry and are also taking advantage of information technology solutions. When organizations grow in size the complexity levels also increase, and to address these complexities organizations make use of project management softwares that are available in the global market. These softwares are available with various features and powerful functionalities such as resource management, risk analysis, automating workflow process, budget allocations and forecasting features. Project management software plays an important role in the success of a project and also helps in achieving organizational goals and objectives. These softwares help organizations to manage their project right from their initiation stage to its delivery to the client.

The core objective to design and develop a project management software is to help the organizations who are willing to make improvements in their overall production and management process. Project management software can be used by all types of firms, it is not concerned with the size of the organization. Any organization who wants to improve on the above-mentioned areas can take the advantage of project management software. Project management software is designed for the smooth flow of business operations. In this article, we will be focusing on different types of project management softwares that are available in the market and how they are designed to cater today’s organization's needs.

Types of Project Management Software

There are different types of project management softwares available in the market. Organizations can select project management softwares that are best suited for their environment. There are various versions organizations can choose from. They are as follows :

Desktop Version

Organizations can opt for the desktop version that offers a quick response and graphical interface. The desktop version stores the data within a file and few desktop version software also have the traits to collaborate with other users or store the data in the central database. This version also facilitates file sharing to multiple users, but it permits only one user at a time to access the database.


Project management software based on client-server architecture are also available in the market. Organizations can choose these project management softwares if it suits their business style. The client-server based project management software allows multiple users to access the database that is located in a centralized location. This type of software is suitable for the organizations, who have their production teams placed at different geographical locations.


Some vendors offer web based project management softwares that can be used by the end user as a web application. This software can be accessed by the team members through intranet or extranet, or the internet itself, using a web browser.

One of the key benefits of web-based project management application is that they can be accessed by the team members from any geographical location, and without installing any software on their local computer device. The organizations doesn't have to spend additionally on the maintenance and of the software, as it is done or taken care by the service providers. But as there are two facets to every coin, the web-based software applications have few, they can be only accessed if the user has an internet connection and it is much slower in comparison to the desktop project management software application.


This system integrates project management with other organization activities. This system links to the project management software with various day to day activities within the organization such as bug tracking issues, customer relationship management, and several other activities.


Every organization has their own set of requirements and needs. It is very important that organization identifies a right project management software application that is suitable to their organization and helps them in achieving their goals and objectives. Before finalizing a project management software, it is advisable that organization take the assistance of technical experts or explain product vendors about their organization requirements, and make appropriate changes to the project management software that will serve their purpose.


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