Get PMP Certified within $600

Get PMP Certified within $600 Now you can get PMP Certified within $600. To know how to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Check for PMP Eligibility

First check for the eligibility criteria required for the PMP Certification Exam. Check for eligibility criteria of PMP Certification Exam here

Step 2: Take up PMP E-Learning

You can take up PMP e-Learning which will be just $50 with GreyCampus and also you will be getting the 35 Contact Hours Certificate which is one of the PMP Eligibility criteria.

Step 3: Register for PMI Membership

Take up the PMI Membership which is just $139 and you can get many benefits out of it. Also, you will be saving your money while you apply for the PMP Certification Exam.

Step 4: Apply for PMP Certification Exam

If you are a member of PMI then the application fees for the PMP Certification Exam will be $405 only, but if you are not a member of PMI then it will charge you $555. You can save $150 if you are a member of PMI.

Step 5: Pass the PMP Certification

Give the PMP Certification exam with full preparation and pass it successfully.

Step 6: Get PMP Certified

After you pass your PMP Certification Exam successfully, you will be a PMP Certified. Check the infographic below for a quick review of how you can get PMP Certified within $600.


PMP certification


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