How To Become A Good Team Player

To gain an edge in today’s competitive market, it is important that organizations are backed by an efficient team. Team members are the backbone of any organization, if the team members are not efficient then it would be difficult for the organizations to meet their goals and objectives. To gain the right momentum organizations need to have team members who are innovative, skilled and dynamic. When organizations have teams with all the above mentioned traits then it is easy for organizations to achieve their goals and objectives. Teams also require good team players in order to perform well. In this article, we will talk about the qualities that an individual should possess in order to become a good team player.

Work Towards Team Oriented Goals

To become a good team player, a team member should be working towards achieving team goals rather than their personal goals. One of the key traits for becoming a good team player is that an individual has to ask themselves what they do for the team instead of what can the team do for me. 

Good Communication

To be a good team player, the individual must be a good communicator. Though, they have the option to communicate through phone or through emails, it is always better to choose one on one communication method to make their communication more effective. They have to communicate with the superiors, stakeholders, and team members. Communication is the key for the team to be successful.  

Passionate About their Work

A good team player must be passionate about his work. When a person is passionate about their work they tend to achieve more than their potential. Individuals who are passionate about their work can set an example to their team members and can be a role model. They can educate their fellow team members who are less experienced or new to the profession. In other words, a good team player must always take initiative and help their fellow team members. 

Must Be Confident

Confidence is one of the important traits of a good team player. They not only need to be confident about themselves, but they also have to be confident about their fellow team members. This will help in fostering good team relationships.   

Respect Your Team Mates

Whether you are part of a team or not, it is important that you have respect for other individuals. It is even more important when you are in the same team. If a team member does not respect the other team members then it might lead to workplace conflicts. So respecting fellow teammates is mandatory, as they work together to achieve common goals and objectives. 


It is important that you trust your teammates, and have confidence that whatever they are doing will be in accordance  with the organization's goals and objectives. If they  go wrong, you can correct them by offering correct guidance and help. This way they will learn how to go about the tasks and avoid making mistakes.

Positive Attitude

It is always helpful to have a positive attitude towards your job.If you have a positive attitude towards your work, it will also motivate your fellow teammates to develop the same positive attitude towards their job. If you have a positive attitude, the difficult tasks can  also be achieved in an efficient manner. To be a good team player, it is important that the team members have a positive attitude towards their work. In fact having positive attitude is not only important in professional life but it is equally important to maintain the same attitude in the personal life as well.   


To be a good team player an individual needs to be a reliable person. Organizations look for the people who are dependable, which means that they should be available whenever the team or organization require their services. They should be readily available.Even if they are geographically located in another location, they can offer guidance through mobile communication devices. 

Celebrate Special Moments

Though work is your first priority, it is also important to have lighter moments at your workplace which will reduce the work stress. Small celebrations such as team lunches on successful completion of the project and other moments will give you the opportunity to mingle with your teammates and share their views, hobbies and ideas. This will help you in becoming a good team player.


Organizations are nurturing teamwork culture, as it will help them to reach their goals and objectives. If such culture is not encouraged by the organization then it might lead to workplace conflicts. To become a good team player, you need to possess all the above mentioned traits..

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