Are you ready to prepare for your PMP preparation? But you are in a confusion that how you will prepare for your PMP exam? Let me tell you to clear your PMP exam you have to make a strong a plan that is particular, genuine, time-bound and possible. Without an outstanding plan, you may be puzzled or just run out of the stream. Generally, it takes 20 days to 1 year to complete the PMP Certification which depends on your capability and the time you dedicate for your preparation every day. Your PMP preparation includes the very initial stage, eligibility criteria until the final certification. Are you confused by your plan? So let's discuss how you can prepare for your PMP step by step :
Check for the eligibility criteria to apply for PMP Certification:
You need to check first whether you are eligible to apply for PMP Certification or not. Are you having the experience and number of PDUs required to apply for a PMP?
PMI Membership: 
Before applying for the PMP exam register for PMI membership. It reduces your exam fees, re-exam fees etc.and it also gives you access to the ebooks that are available in the PMI website. You can also participate in the discussion forums and take tips from the experts or from the PMP Certified people
Applying for PMP Certification:
Once you are confirmed that you are eligible for PMP Certification then apply for the exam as it takes time to fill the form. You have got 90 days in your hand to fill the form completely. So you need not worry about filling the form at one single blow. From the day when your form submission gets over, your preparation starts.
Schedule a Study Plan:
Schedule a study plan and follow it from the first day. Analyze in which areas you need to focus more? Make probable questions which you need to know, like
  • In which areas I have less knowledge and where I need to focus more on?                            
  • Am I aware of all the Knowledge Areas and Process Groups of PMP?                          
  • In which type of organizations I have never performed? etc.                      
Now you schedule your time accordingly.
Study Material:
Take study material for your preparation. Take PMBoK5 which is the latest edition and cover each section and each chapter of it. Revise it as many times as you can. Only going through PMBoK will not give you enough knowledge. You have to take other reference books also for your preparations. You can take up an online course which will provide you guidance in understanding the PMBoK easily. You can take up PMP training course available with GreyCampus which provides classroom as well as online training classes and contains the content of Kim Heldman and also gives you 35 PDUs required for PMP certification.
Tips and Techniques:
Prepare yourself with some tips and techniques. Make your study easier by dividing it into sections. Study one process each day and take naps while you study. This will give you more concentration and refresh your mind and will help improve better-grasping power.
Practice Tests:
Take as many practice tests and question banks as you can. This will give you confidence and will give you the feel of appearing on the actual exam. You can also have a practice of attempting 200 questions in 3 hours. The more you practice the higher you get the accuracy for attempting the questions.
Final Week before the exam:
On the final week of the exam, appear for mock tests and revise as many times as you can. Go through all the concepts and the notes that you made during your revision. Do not take stress on the day of the exam, as PMP is just an exam, not a war. So keep your mind relax and go for the exam.
PMP Certification exam will be easy if you prepare well for it with full dedication. Getting started is the most difficult task. If you start your preparations once then you can easily complete your preparation for PMP Certification.       

Author: Lisa Findlay

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