Is PMP Certification Required For Existing Project Managers?

There are multiple views concerning the utility of a PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification for existing project managers. Some consider it to be of relevance and few others not. However, amidst this mixed pool of perspectives, what is essential to keep in mind that the global project management landscape is constantly evolving. MNC’s with progressive growth plans are always waiting to recruit project managers that can deliver their best and increase company profits by incurring less cost. Companies want their project managers to be proficient and understand the DNA of project management. A PMP Certification is the toolkit that enables aspiring and existing project managers to become a complete project hero.

PMP Certification Highlights

When you earn yourself a PMP Certification from an esteemed institute you can:

  • Pitch yourself for lucrative career opportunities in a global competitive market

  • Use your PMP Certification as the biggest asset to showcase regardless of the industry you select

  • Earn the required skills to understand the global project management language thereby delivering superlative performance

  • Attain a mark of prestige in your professional sphere


Is PMP essential for existing project managers?

There’s always room for updating knowledge and expertise. Since a PMP Certification is synonymous to getting better equipped with project management techniques, existing project managers will benefit from this. It gives them the platform to blend in their experiential knowledge with academic know-how and emerge as an able project manager that can address and manage any project and its intrinsic challenges head on and bring about revolutionary operational modalities.


Key Benefits of PMP Certification


Fine tunes your PM expertise

When pursuing a PMP certification you have to go through an exam that assesses you on the five core project management procedures, namely initiating, planning, implementing, managing, closing and controlling. This assessment helps both aspiring and existing Project Managers to update their skills and come up with path-breaking ideas that can be archived as an organization’s best practices in project management.


Gives you an edge over other performers

With a PMP Certification by your side you are looked upon as a class apart from your existing set of colleagues by your present company or potential employers who are planning to hire you. The certification allows you to master standardized PM skills along with the appropriate credentials to prove the same. Furthermore, it also allows you to demonstrate your PM experience, core competencies and education to direct and lead a project.


Increases your salary and allows you to bag global job profiles

Since companies are looking for trained and experienced PM professionals, a candidate with PMP Certification can negotiate for a higher salary, than the ones who don’t have the certification. In addition to that, whilst job hunting a PMP certified candidate is more prone to bag enterprising, challenging and rewarding job profiles under leading international brand names.


Who requires a PMP certification?

Almost anyone accountable to perform on corporate projects can benefit from the knowledge and tactics gained from this training. However, a PMP Certification is widely suggested for project managers. It is said that this training can also help other professionals at every company level, comprising the team leaders and process engineers. The benefits can also be applicable for Six Sigma as well as other quality control specialists, product consultants, business analysts, C-level executives and IT/IS professionals. The training module can assist the employees contributing on ongoing projects to master the methods by which they can deliver the project within the stipulated time and estimated budget. Furthermore, the PMP training helps employees that are initiating projects by helping them delineate the project goals and the direction of operational initiatives, thereby capitalizing on fruitful scopes of growth and development.

Summary: Whilst the debate between acquiring a PMP Certification for existing project manager varies, the course equips a project manager with a toolkit for project management success.


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