Is Your Project team Confused and Disorganized

A happy project manager is a person who doesn’t have any confusions and disorganization in his team. The confusion arises in a team when there is no proper communications in the team. This leads to delay in the work, work may be done twice by two individuals, etc.
The confusions in the team can be removed by following these ways:
1. Before undertaking a project, the project manager should verify whether the enough resources are available to work on the project.
2. The team should have a gathering at least once before starting a project. This is to discuss and segregate the work among them.
3. The project manager should conduct weekly meeting and discuss about the work done by each individual.
Disorganization in the team results in the delay of the project. Weed in the farm spoils the whole farm. Head of the team has to identify the person who is interrupting the team and implement the best alternative as soon as possible.
Here are some tips to spot the disorganized team:
1. People who regularly come to you for your confirmation, before they start any work have less confidence on him. So he can simply escape from the work as you approved him to do the work.
2. Some people take frequent breaks from work and hangout in canteens and parking area. Instead of taking these small breaks, some people go for long drives and long leaves.
3. Unity in work is a major factor a team should have. If your employees are complaining on each other or spread gossips about them, then they are not willing to work together.
4. People usually miss the deadlines. It is their responsibility to inform the manager about the delay in the work. If this is not done, it shows the irresponsibility on his work.
5. If a person regularly handover his works to other by saying some other reasons, he is trying to escape from the work.
6. There is no place for personal benefits in an organization. Every employee should work in a team and give their 100% for the company.
7. A person who is not willing to do an additional work when he complete his tasks, it means that he is working for his own benefits. But an employee should always work for the organization first then should think of his or her own benefit.
8. Poor communication also results in misunderstanding the client requirements. The employee should have proper communication and should try to understand the requirements of the client properly and in case of any confusion should ask his or her team leader.
9. If he doesn’t interact with the client before starting a project, he can’t work on the project effectively. So it is always preferable for an employee to interact properly with the client and understand the project properly.
So if your Project Team is confused or disorganized then try to make your team firm and work properly in order to remove delayed completion of your projects.

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